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November 2009
November 1 - Sunday
Slaughterhouse 90210
Drunk Ewoks Ruin Today Show Halloween Segment
November 2 - Monday
When you try to leave Scientology, they try to bring you back
Simpsons Stolen from Church
8am: 21-Gun Salute For USS New York
Sting: Obama, Synchronicity, Hypocrisy
Pumpkin Whoopie Pies
In Giant Squid News...
Steve Loves Jamie
November 3 - Tuesday
make your own eye chart
How to be a hipster
Happy Culture Day
At Home With English
Virginia: Hope you are voting today
The Weezer Snuggie
Victim In Fatal Car Accident Tragically Not Glenn Beck
Steve Martin, Alec Baldwin to Host Oscars
Lee Clow Tribute: Top 10 Apple Commercials
In The Know: Are Politicians Failing Our Lobbyists? | The Onion - America's Finest News Source
Brooklyn Industries Book Party for A Fortunate Age in Park Slope, Nov 12
November 4 - Wednesday
17214 6491 11310 18147
I don't believe in robots
The Hostage Crisis, 30 Years On
Miniskirts 'n' Computers
Childhood Halloween Costumes
Let's Have A Round for These Friends of Mine
My First Dictionary
November 5 - Thursday
Reading over your shoulder
Gabe Kaplan Roasts Evel Knievel
Obama and Chewbacca
Obama weather in New York
A fast food morning with the Tesla Roadster Sport
November 6 - Friday
I Can Has Swine Flu?
Mr. T Celebrity Roast with Dean Martin
I Love Lunch! The Musical
Windows 7 vulnerable to 8 out of 10 viruses
From Silverlake to Williamsburg
Lisa Sister Pony Gets Journalism Award
Turntable Soul
November 9 - Monday
Getting in the Door at the Church of Scientology
Drunk Frenchman Opens Bottle Of Wine With Shoe
The girl in the window
November 10 - Tuesday
Truck Spills!
John Muhammad: What a dick
Drunk People: Stay away from trains
Charles Taylor - preacher, warlord, president
Cancer shows musician who his friends are (AKA Snuzz: Bless him)
Google's Holiday Gift: Free Wi-Fi at Airports
Disgruntled Star Editor Takes Constructive Revenge
November 11 - Wednesday
Citibank Sucks (well, no news there)
New York City Homicides Map
I need a hot tub in my living room
Writing well is the best revenge: On A Fortunate Age - homage to The Group
Falsifying Footage To Make GOP Protest Appear Bigger
Welcoming Home Soldiers
November 12 - Thursday
Real French women really do get fat
Customer service: Oh, Dell
Happy Veterns Day (a day late)
Penguin Photographer
Verizon: How Much Do You Charge Now?
Star Wars Street Art Humor | Interbent
November 13 - Friday
Lobster. Yum
No Taunting!
Moon has water!
YouTube - The Decade in 7 Minutes
November 14 - Saturday
French Bulldogs love Astoria
Team T-Shirts Of The 24 Hours Of LeMons!
November 16 - Monday
The Block
Butter is not a snack
Memoir Is Palin's Payback to McCain Campaign
Pepper Spray & Cocaine Could Be a Lethal Combo
The 'Easy Rider' Road Trip
Jonathan Ames, Writer
Lambchop Live at Merge XX!!
Area Man Passionate Defender Of What He Imagines Constitution To Be
palin: levi johnston too busy
LIVEBLOG: The Sarah Palin on Oprah Winfrey-plosion-ganza!
November 17 - Tuesday
Dutch Set Domino Record
Google New York: Chelsea Office
Day 1: Our Afternoon at Anson Mills
The Velvet Revolution
Passive Agressive Facebook
Brooklyn Industries
Tea Partiers Punked
Someone needs to start a Strokes cover band called...
November 18 - Wednesday
Lion opens family's car door with its teeth
Colby the Christian Robot
Brooklyn Chef Proud He Threw Lobster at Fussy Diner
A Fortunate Brooklyn Industries
Photos: Rice paddy crop art (2009)
Outerspace: Pretty
Cats for Gold
Sarah Palin Supporters At Book Signing
November 19 - Thursday
Nikon's annual photomicrospocy winners
Texas Accidentally Bans Marriage
November 20 - Friday
Did I ever mention
Sorta wish I worked 4 Twitter, Inc.
A History of Cycling in Brooklyn
Henry Earl: Still Getting Arrested
West Virginia State Penitentiary
I do love CatPaint
November 21 - Saturday
Bill Cosby & his drumming gig with Sonny Stitt
November 23 - Monday
Headless Mule
The Michelin guide and its undercover inspectors
My Parents, Enid and Sal, Used to Be Porn Stars
New School Students: Protest: Induce Cringing Now
Toothbrush Sanitizer
ADA Statement on Toothbrush Care: Cleaning, Storage and Replacement
Polvo: New Video!
Carl Kasell will retire
November 24 - Tuesday
Ox-Head and Horse-Face
Man discovers real dad is Charles Manson
Fire on Smith and Warren
RIP Wally Hunt: The Pop-Up Industry Loses Its Pop
November 25 - Wednesday
The Wampus cat
Sarah Palin Book Signing: Interviews with Supporters
The "Super Glue an iPhone to the Sidewalk" Prank
Facebook: Star Wars Updates
Wines for Turkey Day
In Defense of the Pixies' "Doolittle" Tour
The Jazz Loft Project Radio Series: About
November 26 - Thursday
Happy OJ Thanksgiving
CatPaint: Accident
GWB: He was terrorism free!
Turkey Pardon
How to talk to your red state relatives
November 27 - Friday
While you are waiting to get into the Wal-Mart for Black Friday
Roof Coffee Cup
The Yes Men Take On Coca Cola And Dasani Water (VIDEO)
November 29 - Sunday
Surprised Kitty