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December 2003
December 1 - Monday
Kevin Kelly - Cool Tools
Hipster Monkeys
Soup In The Movies
Vigo and Buckethead
December 2 - Tuesday
Dead Man Eating
SM3 in 11
December 3 - Wednesday
Before it's too late: Beaujolais Nouveau 2003
December 4 - Thursday
French Film, French Film
Helper Monkeys in NY State!
For 75th Anniversary, Mickey Gets a Makeover
Shabbat shalom mother fuckers!
Señora Cojones says - coming soon
December 5 - Friday
USB vibrator: get intimate with your PC
mr. picassohead
December 8 - Monday
Yo La Tengo + Mr. Show
Pearl Harbor: anniversary of the evil-doers
Rodents in NYC
December 9 - Tuesday
NYC - All Systems Go?
Would you place your copious breasts in my mouth?
Wax me!
Popular Pickup Lines Used by Serial Killers
December 10 - Wednesday
Monkey, Ninja, Pirate, Robot
Come over here!
December 11 - Thursday
Small cute dog for president
Bark the Vote
Etiquette For Inebriates
Hollywood is calling
Top Gun Maverick George Bush Action Figure
December 12 - Friday
Monster in a wheelchair
Least Essential Albums of 2003
Today in photos
December 14 - Sunday
Saddam Hussein in pictures
December 15 - Monday
Law for Kids
Designers design barf bags!
Justin Timberlake my ass
December 16 - Tuesday
Wasserstein to buy New York Magazine!
December 17 - Wednesday
note seen yesterday at a lab in UNC's pharmacy school
The Official H2 Salute
Roundtable: New Fathers
The Onion A.V. Club- Best Albums Of 2003
Man, Booker.
December 18 - Thursday
Tina Fey in the Believer
Not so squeaky-clean
December 19 - Friday
German Cannibals Gone Wild
Qveere Eye for thye Medieval Man
Clean the Air, not the Room
The Yuckiest Little Miniature Golf Course in the West
Elliot Erwitt show at the Leica Gallery
December 22 - Monday
Come all ye faithful
An Unauthorized Expedition into Amazon
December 23 - Tuesday
Ghostly image at Britain's Hampton Court
December 25 - Thursday
EEK! EEK! Merry Christmas
December 26 - Friday
In-Store Stickering Campaign
Sasquatch Likes to Study the Ladies
December 29 - Monday
Joe Namath Wants To Kiss You
Vacuum cleaner ate my pants, ain't nothing I could do
The Chimp In Black
December 30 - Tuesday
MUG - Best of 2003
Michael Jackson on 60 Minutes
December 31 - Wednesday
Postcards from James Joyce to his brother Stan
Easy Package Tracking via Google