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December 2004
December 1 - Wednesday
How to eat sushi
Some members are here...
Retirement Rock!
The #1 Word Of The Year
Missing those good ol' TV days?
Tom Brokaw on Leaving
December 2 - Thursday
Taking the piss: Urinal Named As Most Influential Art
The Wireless 411 list
Flooding the zone
Shoulder Surfing
Devil's Weed Makes You Crazy!
The Infiltrator
10K Martini
Flesh eating and Ebola are so cute
Infectious ties
December 3 - Friday
Sony: big fat stupid losers
Sydney needs a camouflage jumper
Set your eyes for stun
Worst Holiday Specials Ever
Holy bird-napping bird man!
How To Survive In A Plummeting Elevator
fun and creative advent calendar
ugly 70's houses
Start Hoarding! Splenda Shortage
December 4 - Saturday
Silent protester is a powerful voice
December 5 - Sunday
Stop having sex and become better at maths
December 6 - Monday
Jonathan Franzen and Snoopy
Am I supposed to drool this much?
The Rainbow Plucking Orgy
Drunk Elvis - Honey, who am I talking to?
Clear Channel has picked Fox News
programmer says he developed vote-rigging prototype for Florida congressman
December 7 - Tuesday
405 the movie
What Are You Doing For Monkey Day?
December 8 - Wednesday
NYC, meet Wal-Mart
Santacon 2004
Postmodern pet supplies
Look out world, it's Ill Mitch!
December 9 - Thursday
Manhattan hawk now homeless
Butt face towel
Change your iPod's graphics
Finnish Shouting Choir
Dom Perignon - dead at 18
December 10 - Friday
the most addictive flash site
Vintage subway trains running this weekend
Writing the Dreaded Research Paper
Watch airplanes take-off and land
French Police Bungle Airport Exercise
pug puppies
sing me, Arnold Schwarznegger
Worst Translation Ever
December 11 - Saturday
Surprise Rocks Disney Trial
Heil Department of Media Studies!
December 13 - Monday
Poison will F' you up
Onion AV Club - Best albums of 2004
Mule vs. Cougar
I read the comics so you don't have to
Cartoons for Kids in Jesus
Meet Lambuel
Clay Aiken really hates flash photography
My Kid Ain't Going To Hear No Goddamn Cusswords!
December 14 - Tuesday
Wine bottle dimple vs. Value of wine
Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition
Yeah! Pale Male got his nest back!
December 15 - Wednesday
Fat feline slims down on 'Catkins' diet
Spellbound for Firefox
A Gift For Your Cube-Dwelling Friends
Wookiee Super Soaker
Most Disappointing Movies of 2004
December 16 - Thursday
Renting cars in NYC
The Most Accurately Rated Artists In Rock History
Digital Cameras under $300
Hey everyone, Saddam ate beans and emitted stinky air
Celebrate Christmas with Assrockets!
A Year Without Santa
December 17 - Friday
If You Get a Monkey For Christmas
Firefox runs a full-page ad in the NYT
the legendary project
Learning To Like India: A Five-Step Approach
100 notable books of 2004
"New" Apple Signature iPods
holy christmas lights, batman!
The Manolo Is Super Fantastic!
December 18 - Saturday
Today is Best of Craigslist Day!
Lovin' Touchin' Squeezin'
December 19 - Sunday
Fun stuff from Sunday's NYT - Firefox and Cars
December 20 - Monday
How to write your annual family Christmas letter
Again with the Annoying Holiday Tunes
bark mitzvah
Your Santa's Helper Name
What to get your boss for Christmas?
Polar Bear Safety
you like go surf?
Someone Hates You!
These Kids Would Be Better Off With A Lump of Coal
December 21 - Tuesday
'Dear Santa' Letter Generator
What the heck is an Autopen?
I am 8
Before John Stewart was on Crossfire, there was Zappa
December 22 - Wednesday
Cubans vs. Americans: Christmas Displays
Star Wars Christmas
Screaming At Santa
Christmas under attack!!
Reason #2947 why I don't watch TV "News"
December 23 - Thursday
Evolving with time
Hooded robes equal instantaneous mysteriousness
And You Think You Are Bored
Everyone's on the web
December 24 - Friday
All we wanted for xmas
December 25 - Saturday
Merry Christmas Pat!
December 27 - Monday
So many sock monkeys
Santa scares me, too.
Get Your Pussy On The Dance Floor!
Your Signature Really Doesn't Matter, Or Does It
Holiday Dining on a Budget
December 28 - Tuesday
2004 Year-End Google Zeitgeist
December 29 - Wednesday
overheard in the office
Tsunami Relief Links
a pointed jab
December 31 - Friday
Tsunami adds to belief in animals' "sixth sense"
Couple photographs tsunami from mountain top
Boy with squirrel
Westboro Baptist Church happy for tsunami deaths
New Years Eve To Do list