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December 2005
December 1 - Thursday
Dinosaur Babysitter
Brooklyn Camera Shops Suck
Jesus H. Christ
A squeaky taste of heaven
Attn: Mijo
Emily the Stowaway Cat
Trent Lott on NPR's Fresh Air today
Mario + Marimba = Genius + Love
December 2 - Friday
The Secret Life of a Restaurant Critic
My Morning In One Uncomfortable Act
Steve Perry's Underwater Adventure
Cool "art" games
‘NYT' Tracks Down Chelsea Gay
Something Awful: The best of MySpace
Fabulous wasted party-going retards - December 1
December 3 - Saturday
horizontal corduroys!
the best show on cable TV ever
December 4 - Sunday
Walker told me I have aids
December 5 - Monday
Best of Craigslist Day
Goodbye, Moon
Bear claws don't kill people - Bears do
Huge wackness comin' through!
December 6 - Tuesday
Dude! You shot my website!
the impossible dream
Economists Attempt Humor
December 7 - Wednesday
I'm sorry for peeing on your town
In a world...
The World's Coolest Cigarette Lighter (and how it was found)
Q: Are you a fabulous wasted party-going retard?
Commercialize Christmas, or Else
December 8 - Thursday
News Flash
You won't see this at NY fashion week... but you should.
"From now on, all trains are X trains."
December 9 - Friday
MTA Service Notice Hacks
Brooklyn Camera Shops Suck - Part II
Ten Reasons To Drink During The Holidays
December 10 - Saturday
What's hot in Helsinski?
R.I.P. Richard Pryor
December 12 - Monday
Ruth Reichl on Chinese cuisine in New York
New Yorkers of the Year
December 13 - Tuesday
Santacon NYC 2005
Wombat Luv
Strip Club Patrons Left Baby In Car
December 14 - Wednesday
Pregnant Skydiver Survives Plunge
Cute Overload!
Reality TV must be stopped
My Robot Humps
December 15 - Thursday
Pure awesomeness
pocket ninja!
Hola, Amigos
MTA Strike Contingency Plan
December 16 - Friday
Don't cut and run from the war on Christmas
Peanut Butter Jelly Time
Shingo Mama No Oha!
Sarah Silverman: Give the Jew Girl Toys
December 17 - Saturday
Peter Braunstein: Caught
December 18 - Sunday
NYC - Lego Style
December 19 - Monday
Create Custom Maps
Pitchfork's Top 50 Singles of 2005
Ah, horrible children
The Chronic of Narnia Rap
Worst Rap Battle ever
Custom Google Homepage - with widgets
Henry Earl? In the news?
December 20 - Tuesday
Track Airplanes
AOL Coaxes Google to Try Busier Ads
These kids today
King Kong Island Home Is Pure Fantasy
December 21 - Wednesday
Last Minute Christmas Guide college
Sudoku: crosswords for boring people
Google Zeitgeist 2005
Dispatch from The War on Christmas
Letters to Christopher Walken
December 22 - Thursday
Best of Craigslist Day
A Treasure Trove Of Tuneage
December 24 - Saturday
NORAD tracks Santa
December 26 - Monday
Henry the Hand
December 27 - Tuesday
Free 2006 Calendars
Actor Vincent Schiavelli Dies at 57
What's the punchline?
December 28 - Wednesday
The treasure from our humps. Our humps.
Instant Notoriety for a Rap Video From SNL
December 29 - Thursday
Pitchfork Top 50 of 2005
Best apps of 2005
Time To Make the Funeral Arrangements
Panexa (Acidachrome Promanganate)
December 30 - Friday
Teen Takes Perilous Trip to Iraq
Wikimedia needs your help
100 things we didn't know this time last year
December 31 - Saturday
Snakes on a plane 2: Planes on a snake