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December 2006
December 1 - Friday
Doritos wash up on Outer Banks
Catfood vs Dogfood
The 50 Worst Artists in Music History
December 4 - Monday
Pac Man Fever
The life of a wine judge
May I please see your receipt?
Styx: Live in Brooklyn
December 5 - Tuesday
CNET editor's family found in Oregon
How to drink a lot of whiskey
The Kinsey Institute - FAQ
December 6 - Wednesday
NYC: Trans Fat vs. Transgender
Deer: I love you
Want to get so wet?
December 7 - Thursday
Jimmy Carter flies commercial.
Greenhouse Gas is Good! Ice Age Bad!
James Kim's Path via Google Earth
On The Face wins blog award
December 8 - Friday
Ghana: Hand Drawn Movie Posters
They read the New York Post
Vegatarian vs. Carnivore
December 10 - Sunday
Brazil: The wreck and the reckoning
December 11 - Monday
I got the Fan Death!
The perfect worker: Tall, thin, and he drinks!
Feed the Clown
Cute Things Falling Asleep
martial arts madness.
December 12 - Tuesday
Ghosts Of Best-Of Music Lists Past
Flickr: The American Punk/Hardcore Archive (78-91)
Build a doodoo fort
Resurrection? I don't even know her!
Pauly Shore Gets Punched in the Face (Fake)
December 13 - Wednesday
Good job (with Darth Vader & Easter Bunny)
Stop playa hatin on Merlot
AC Dickson: eBay PowerSeller
Hot Tatooine real estate!
12 days
December 14 - Thursday
Ask the Optimist!
NYC SantaCON 2006
The most dangerous toys of all time
when test 'bots screw up
Amateur - Hyperactive Edit thing with music
December 15 - Friday
Ah Crap. We missed Monkey Day
I am fascinated by your wedding
TV v. God
Draw on Brian's face
beaver house
To: Peter Criss; From: Beth.
December 16 - Saturday
Dear Deer - Watch out for that cougar
164 Smith to become a Starbucks
December 17 - Sunday
F*ck the National Cable & Telecommunications Assoc.
Of Montreal Sells Beef
December 18 - Monday
This internet sucks!
Top 50 Music Videos Of 2006
One -- Cut a Hole in the Box
December 19 - Tuesday
Bead Lady
Santacon 2006 @ Flickr
Get Brooklyn Brewery Beer outside of Brooklyn
from all the george bushes
<AOL>Me, too!</AOL>
Michael Crichton: Bad Writer, Worse Person
December 20 - Wednesday
Happy 2005 New York City transit strike anniversary!
Christmas is all pagan and stuff
December 21 - Thursday
I Heart Brooklyn Girls
He can toss cans
Today is all short and stuff
Back When We Were Interesting
Essentially Woody at Film Forum in New York City
December 22 - Friday
Filles Sourires Fifteen
Tickle Me Emo
December 24 - Sunday
Christmas Eve and knife throwing spirits
Where's Santa Now?
December 25 - Monday
Christmas? How's it work?
James Brown - RIP
December 26 - Tuesday
The Zune - Oh, so sucky.
December 27 - Wednesday
Silent Star Wars
Real life tagging
December 28 - Thursday
Member of Congress? Play hooky?