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December 2007
December 1 - Saturday
Roger B. Smith, Ex-Chief of G.M., Dies
December 2 - Sunday
Evel's last ride
1930's NYC Subway Train to Run Sundays in December
December 3 - Monday
Aerobics Flash Mob
December 4 - Tuesday
Wrong Queen Gets Crowned
I know all the best rest stops
High School Student Finds Mummified Dinaosaur
Coyote. Puppy.
December 5 - Wednesday
My Neck
Gmail + AIM = crazy delicious
December 6 - Thursday
Flu likes winter
R2D2 Speak & Spell
Nextbook: Dolls of the World
December 7 - Friday
Pee Wee Herman Show Vinyl
this "blog" is "nice"
"sweat" and "pants"
SantaCON NYC is this weekend!
Dan Deacon doesn't do Greyhound
December 8 - Saturday
Live from the iPacking District
December 9 - Sunday
Cougar nearly joins SD woman in hot tub
December 10 - Monday
Santacon on Flickr
In Venezuela it's 7:30
I want some mormon special glasses!
Triumphant as well as joyful
Epic Snarking
Church Shootings: One Gunman
Don't worry, I'm just talking to the voices
December 11 - Tuesday
Mike Huckabee's 1992 plan to stop AIDS
Protect the troops - from womb to war
I didn't come here to live next to a sex club
The 53 Places to Go in 2008
New Pop Burger in Midtown
Chris Elliott on the book tour
buy more from me
Merriam-Webster's Word of '07: 'W00t'
December 12 - Wednesday
Your Christmas Trees is "unusual"
Drinking while Liberal
Happy Holidays from Jesus!
Business Class
Ike Turner. Dead at 76.
December 13 - Thursday
Dem Crazy Lights
David Sedaris: Journey Into Night
The Go! Team went to China
Israeli journalists questioned by police over visits to "enemy states"
December 14 - Friday
Happy Monkey Day!
National Geographic - Top Photos of 2007 Bic Crystal ballpoint pen - Price: 0.13
They shoot rodents, don't they?
December 15 - Saturday
best headline of the week
It's Caturday!
Farming Fish in Toxic Waters
If you see a suspicious package...
December 16 - Sunday
Without Heat in the Bronx
Scribner Will Publish Joanna Smith Rakoff's Debut Novel
December 17 - Monday
Happy Birthday Little Brother
Living in Junk Food County
Old School NYC
Dog eats all the pies
How safe is shopping online and can I?
show your anus
December 18 - Tuesday
The Dickheads of 2007
Michael Schumacher drives taxi in airport dash
The perfect song
December 19 - Wednesday
Quackers in the mail
Eighty-Five Ways to Decorate your house with Christmas lights
Feminist Bookstore
Speaking of fresh foods in low income areas...
More from the food front
Kucinich's Brother Found Dead
December 20 - Thursday
American beauty?
A Little Alcohol Can Help You Beat a Cold
monkeys will pay for sex
December 21 - Friday
Pantone's Color of the Year Is...
Park Plan Is Chosen for Governors Island
Why turkey won't make you sleepy and other medical myths debunked
The Christmas Sweater
December 22 - Saturday
Bible bashing dying out in Kansas
Nads Hair Removal
December 24 - Monday
Birthday of the Invincible Sun God
Old school Christmas
December 25 - Tuesday
Christmas I has it
December 26 - Wednesday
Worst Christmas Ever
Worst Christmas Sweater Ever
When tigers attack!
December 27 - Thursday
Sexy 1980 Computer Staff
Benazir Bhutto was assassinated
Backwards! Forwards!
December 28 - Friday
It was all the tigers fault
December 29 - Saturday
AOL Pulls Plug on Netscape Web Browser
my church youth group was so tame
December 30 - Sunday
World's Most Overrated Wines
December 31 - Monday
2007: The Year of Pork Butt
Bayer Heroin