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December 2008
December 1 - Monday
Project: Immersion
Happy Bloody Mary Day!
December 2 - Tuesday
Facebook sends out phishy-looking email
Obama Popular Vote Margin Largest Ever for Non-Incumbent
Tina Fey: The Scar
Kitty Wigs
Giorgio Moroder
December 3 - Wednesday
Dr. Ball, M.D.
And You Call This a BlackBerry?
The Empire State Building: Stolen!
RIP Odettta
Ebert vs Stein
December 4 - Thursday
Victim's kin sue in Wal-Mart stampede death
Barack Obama Uses a Zune
Flying. Snake.
B&N Book Clubs - First Look: A Fortunate Age
December 5 - Friday
I have a potato stuck in my bottom
Recession Laptop
Happy Prohibition Day
Temperance & Prohibition: Cartoons
Canadian Prohibition
Prohibition - The Wikipedia Entry
Boy George guilty of imprisoning escort
Let's lift a glass to the 75th anniversary of Prohibition repeal
The Real Bill Ayers
December 7 - Sunday
Extreme Kayaking
Jizz In My Pants
Happy National Cotton Candy Day
December 8 - Monday
Obama doesn't rock Zune
Hood Thong
Bill Murray: NYC's New Party Boy
Enable Google Calendar in Apple's iCal
OJ Simpson – Rap Star
December 9 - Tuesday
Vader SMS: I'm your father
Yoga Cat!
Tamale Day
December 10 - Wednesday
Kitten LOVES Broccoli
Wiretap: F* Obama
Mr. Spriggs Bar BBQ commercial
December 11 - Thursday
Google Zeitgeist 2008
Gentlemen's Ball Scratcher
Gay Marriage: Our Mutual Joy
Gmail: Task List!
1950s pinup model Bettie Page dies in LA at 85
December 12 - Friday
Is There a Problem Here?
The Bizzare Dangerous World of Chuck E. Cheeses
Barbie of the Undead
December 13 - Saturday
The World-Wide Sampler
Bettie Page Gallery
The Mask of Jacko
December 14 - Sunday
Advertisers Face Hurdles on Social Networking Sites
Happy Monkey Day!
December 15 - Monday
KFC: Bathing in the sink
Spaghetti Cat!
30 Ways to Die of Electrocution
Who was Ponzi
Duck E. Cheese
Cake Wrecks: You Just Can't Buy That Kind of Advertising
December 16 - Tuesday
US Anti-Kidnapping Expert Kidnapped
More than 1,000 species discovered in Mekong
Dead Man Laughing
Japanese media praises Bush's reflexes
December 17 - Wednesday
SF Zoo Receives Early Holiday Gift with Baby Gorilla
F*ck You Penguin!
Baby Orangutan Plays Hide and Seek
As ads for washing machines go...
Socks Lives!
December 18 - Thursday
The Stick Is Now Available at
Barry Obama: fedora and cigarettes
December 19 - Friday
Explore Your Year: Timeline 2008
2008 Annual Pogie Awards
Baby hippo!
December 20 - Saturday
Now on the Menu, Full Disclosure
December 21 - Sunday
Happy Winter Solstice
Madoff is watching TV
December 22 - Monday
Bus slides through guardrail
Religous Dogs
On the 5th day of Christmas
December 23 - Tuesday
Teen + Speed Cameras
Ralph's missing boobs found
December 24 - Wednesday
Man drowns in manure lagoon
Scared of Santa
Old Saint Nicked
December 27 - Saturday
Get your Gmail stickers!
December 29 - Monday
Gaza: An Alternative View at Z-Word Blog