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February 2005
February 1 - Tuesday
The faces of meth
English as a Second Language
cool dog - yum!
Anne Coulter "pwn3d"
Racy Carson
ma ma ma my payola!
Boy or Girl - place your bets
Harmon Leon articles
February 2 - Wednesday
Yo, Ol' Dirty?
An erection in Iraq
Top 10 Baby Names in NY
That freakin' moose is back
February 3 - Thursday
State of the Union Transcript
Who was Jack Russell?
Good Luck Little Monkey
Potential jurors what?
State of the Union Transcript - 2003
Hawaii Celebrates Rich/Happyrobot Birthdays!!
The Real Story of Hopkin Green
February 4 - Friday
Adopt a Sniper
Gizoogle - Fo all you beotches who wanna find shiznit
February 6 - Sunday
I'm a breatharian
February 7 - Monday
Girls lost their cell phones. Keys got lost.
The Superbowl without that pesky sports part
anxiety cookies
Head Smoker
Porn that's completely work safe
Puppies, football
A musical Venn Diagram
February 8 - Tuesday
You are not a beautiful and unique snowflake.
Harper's Index for January 2005
Google maps
Consumer Reports reviews Condoms
Good music for . . .
Bad Star Wars Costumes
February 9 - Wednesday
Jeff Gannon & Talon News
Places that don't exist
From beneath you it devours
Chocolate Roulette
Still more cowbell
February 10 - Thursday
yes, more album covers
Q&A about Tivo
Galleries of Grocery Lists
there's something about Ikea...
If you like pina coladas...
Pitchfork's 100 Best Albums of 2000-2004
February 11 - Friday
I Choo Choo Choose You
Elektro - the first american robot
Name that monkey!
The Real Chicago - Photo Gallery
It's Friday - let's look at puppies.
February 12 - Saturday
More Projects for Christo
Behold Zorikh!
February 13 - Sunday
Mrperfect231 doesn't like periods
February 14 - Monday
Valentine's Heart Maker
More Jeff Gannon + Talon News fun
Hello Kitty crop circle
After The Disaster: The NewMusic in South Asia
A short film about V-day
Just Because Mom Is Hollering
Edward Norton and PBS
February 15 - Tuesday
Westminster 2004 Photo Gallery
Charles Darwin Will Learn You!
Photographs of Zhuzhou
Jeff Gannon, Male Prostitute
Greatest. Firefox. Extension. Ever.
Microsoft IE 7.0 Beta Due This Summer
i love the dada
February 16 - Wednesday
R. Kelly Is a Crying Little B*tch
Ken Lay & George W. Bush: best pals
February 17 - Thursday
The Ayatollah's Book Of Etiquette
McDonalds Bathroom Attendant
herr doktor pepper
The New "Star Wars Kid"
Nutjobs on the Internet!
February 18 - Friday
Whatever your do, don't be late getting to Masa
Baby's first bris
A Tidal Wave Of Speedos
The Somerville Gates
take that, whitey!
I like 'em leather and bound
February 19 - Saturday
Gorilla Foundation rocked by breast display lawsuit
Hello, can you see me?
February 20 - Sunday
Creepy reborn dolls
February 21 - Monday
Which George W. would american elect?
The legacy of Malcolm X
Sex is for . . .
Hunter S. Thompson - RIP
Highlights of the 2004-2005 NHL Season
Springfield is for gay lovers of marriage
Teeth Shattering Cuteness
February 22 - Tuesday
It's Paris and Burt Reynolds!
You Have Bad Taste in Music
The Crackers vs The Gates
The Best Hunter S. Thompson Eulogy out there
kitty dance
Mimes For Jesus
The White House Stages Its 'Daily Show'
how to play 90's movie hero...
desperate houseflies
February 23 - Wednesday
A golden retriever has never won Best in Show
WXYC's Webcasting 10th Anniversary Celebration
tired of looking at these same four uterine walls...
Monkey Covers
ah, Massholes
Calling all hot women of the Lord!
How "Velocity Gnome" defeated Skynet and saved The Future
Tweedy + Robot = Guitar
February 24 - Thursday
San Francisco Dog Court
Which Red Sock are you?
with a name like Sizemore
'Office Space' with Super Friends
Wesley is so full of crap
Mozilla Firefox 1.01 beta is out
Pat is home safe
February 25 - Friday
A creationist view of the formation of the Grand Canyon
Baby names!
Your dog's nose
My Dinner at Applebee's With White Supremacists!
SWF seeks A-Team
Superman is a...
technical schmechnical
February 28 - Monday
Berry gets worst actress Razzie
Gothamist does the oscars
Ideal Profit Thinking