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February 2006
February 1 - Wednesday
Mongoose v. Cobra
Happy February First
Joanie Loves Chachi
cash bash
February 2 - Thursday
Jesus: The Musical
General Zod in 2008
Gloria Trembicky: The Movie!
Our Patriotism Should Be This Classy
Human/Animal Hybrid T-Shirts
Brokeback to the Future
February 3 - Friday
He went to Providence
Christ, What an Asshole!
Shatner in Se7en
Driver hit for 'Star Wars' fight club on school bus
The Cookie Monster voice and Death Metal
Average number of posts per week
February 4 - Saturday
1997: The Year Tooth Whitening Broke
I Love Stool! 2006!
The lost art of power throwing
February 5 - Sunday
The freedom to blaspheme
Should 'anti-Islam' cartoons have been published?
February 6 - Monday
Tye Hill: Gymnastic Crazy Monkey
H.P. Lovecraft, meet Legos
R.I.P. Al Lewis
February 7 - Tuesday
Your Band Sucks - 2005 Review
Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo - MP3s
Apartment House Wrestling!
Being Able to Write
Muhammad cartoons 'global crisis'
February 8 - Wednesday
Atlantic Yards on Google Earth
Snakes on a submarine!
Isaac Asimov + happyrobot - firefox extension
Sco-jo Nude
Ahmed Abu Laban Interview
February 9 - Thursday
Sheep protest anti-sheep cartoon
The jar labeled “catharsis”
Those Muhammad Cartoons!
Wiretap Transcript: Very Bad People
A Makeover of a Romance
Two charged in killing of 'Curious George' writer
New species abound in island's 'Eden'
February 10 - Friday
Join Last.FM - I'm lonely
Voiceover. Voiceover.
Google Maps: F*ck
Nerds in love
February 12 - Sunday
Ooops. Your mic is still on.
Free Robot Sex!
Beaches closed as sharks feed
Cheney accidentally shoots hunting companion
February 13 - Monday
F*ck You vs. Love You
crap equation
Legos+Jesus= ...
Sick of those eHarmony ads?
Can you make me drunker?
M Shanghai String Band
Chris and Stu's Dream Girls
February 14 - Tuesday
I Choo Choo Choose You
Sketch Swap
On the Matter of Size
How to Survive a Robot Uprising
Kancho NO!
The Majesty of Lotte Confectionery
February 15 - Wednesday
Top dog is egg head
Lie vs. Lay
LED Throwies
Tell Canada what you think
When a Stranger E-Mails
Israeli anti-Semitic cartoon Contest
life...a movie trailer
The Winter Olym-pecs
February 16 - Thursday
Cowboys Are Frequently Secretly (Fond of Each Other)
A Brief History of Disembodied Dog Heads
Injury from other person's motion sickness
Boston Legal - Bla Bla Bla
February 17 - Friday
Naked Gay Men Exploring Tantra
Can you handle the hawtness?
Johnny, Are You Weir?
Piratey Marshmallow Cereal
Worst forecast ever
How Much is Inside Mustard?
Oprah Winfrey: Truth Seeker
Kancho, the next generation
February 18 - Saturday
Demetri has 18545 friends on MySpace
Curried Goat Meat and other diversions...
February 20 - Monday
Fake cat paws for . . .?
US Presidents: Lists and Records
On the trail of Fecal McStool
February 21 - Tuesday
Flying cars are almost here!
I pose nude for students
Little tiny MP3 playing cube
Sicko "Marriage Contract" One For The Ages
a 33 pound cat
Cheap-Ass Cereal Hall of Fame
Best list ever
February 22 - Wednesday
A report from the inventor of the flash mob
Pugs In Hats
Is That A Little Giant In Your Pocket?
bush and cheney a la brokeback mountain
Crispin Glover on Letterman
February 23 - Thursday
Open That Bottle Night - Saturday
+ Release1 +
Puppy Mover
Autistic Teen Scores 20 Points in 4 Minutes of a High School Basketball Game
February 24 - Friday
Friday? Best of Craigslist Day
Diner's Journal: Hooters
Doggy Dating Classifieds
Curling and Euro-Hair Metal--Together at Last!
good commercial
February 25 - Saturday
The Day After + Google Maps
Passion of the Christ 2: Judgement Day
R.I.P. Don Knotts
World population to hit 6.5 billion today
February 26 - Sunday
the o.c. spoofed
He Drinks Boys' Urine
February 27 - Monday
The Lindbergh Kidnapping
Guided by (Many, Many) Voices
Art Frahm for the next generation.
In case you missed Pancake Day in 2003
Bode's Talk vs. Bode's Walk
Help me K-Fed, you're my only hope
other music employees.
February 28 - Tuesday
Escaped Gorilla!
Yacht Rock!!
Peanut Butter AIDS
You'd Never Believe You're In NYC
Stop Paying for Ring Tones