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February 2007
February 1 - Thursday
I'm about to crank this sucker up.
International Workers of the World - Unite!...and date
Joe Biden: Not bright or clean or articulate
Wee Willie and Little Cash
February 2 - Friday
Aqua Teen Hunger Force + Boston = 1-31-07 Never Forget
O.K., here's a secret: I love Jenna best
go fishing
Tom Cruise = Jeebus
February 3 - Saturday
Sebben & Sebben Employee Orientation
February 4 - Sunday
Drop bear: the reason God made hats and rifles
Elizabeth Tashjian an Expert on Nuts, Dies
February 5 - Monday
Bloggy Foodies
Superball advertising wrap-up
robot valentine's
McCoffee beats Starbucks
My favorite Superbowel ad...
February 6 - Tuesday
Subway & Walking Directions + Google Maps
Kitty Half Time Show
When Astronauts Attack!
Ted Haggard: Officially gay-free!!!
February 7 - Wednesday
Private Jets + Monkeys
Cat in the loo + no docked dog tails
Geezer Lake Rock Shirts for the Kids
The Amy Sedaris googly eyes craft challenge
Funny animal I love you!
February 8 - Thursday
March of the Emperors
One Through Six
Sign up and edit your Useless Account! For Free!
Anna Nicole Smith Dead
February 9 - Friday
On being a gay sheep
The Big Business of Hot Dog Carts
Best NYT Justin Timberlake Headline (today)
Hawk Breakfast: pigeon sur le climatiseur
World Press Photo of the Year 2006
February 10 - Saturday
Ban Childless Marriage!
US Interstate Maps - all flat
February 11 - Sunday
Here comes Iran
Episode of Paula Deen Like a John Water's Film
February 12 - Monday
America's Favorite Buildings and Stuff
Monkey Valentines
February 13 - Tuesday
What's my sleep pose?
rock tattoos
Lunchtime Puppy!
I'm in ur cage, pettin ur cheetas
Oddcast Text-To-Speech Demos
February 14 - Wednesday
6 Scariest Natural Disasters.
How much would "That's What She Said" cost
Barrow Alaska
February 15 - Thursday
65,000 bottles of wine on the wall
Red Velvet Cake Rules
How to sue telemarketers
Eating The Oyster
NYT Metropolitan Diary Punked By WFMU
Effects of Drugs and Alcohol on Spider Webs
February 16 - Friday
On Living Rent (and Heat) Free in NYC
The Darlings - There Is A Time
2003 Flashback - Hey Kids, stop all the downloading!
New York Restaurant Guide + Wiki
Kim Jong-il 65th birthday quiz
In-car phonograph
Bruce Metzger Dead at 93
February 17 - Saturday
Portraits of Poverty
February 19 - Monday
Biking to China
MTV 1983
Raise a glass to past Presidents today
February 20 - Tuesday
Googleplex NYC
Cougar Island!
February 21 - Wednesday
MF'n Dog on a plane!
The British Food Experience
February 22 - Thursday
Maybe We Deserve to Be Ripped Off By Bush's Billionaires
Egypt blogger jailed for 'insult'
Joost: Viacom's bitch
Chalk album covers
A Million Little Dodgeballs
February 23 - Friday
Aiyeee! Colossal Squid!
Wikipedia, for brain dead conservatives
Online Dating
February 24 - Saturday
Taco Bell Rats Shock and Awe
Tonight is Open that bottle night
February 25 - Sunday
Francis Bacon vs. Francis Bacon
February 26 - Monday
Eccentrically Wealthy
Big Hole Guatemala
Paper head bopping in CA
February 27 - Tuesday
The Letters are all fake
God Bless LOL-Cats
Christian Clown Training
February 28 - Wednesday
Rocket Booster: From space to earth
The unpossible hammer
Just How Many Drinks A Day Is Bad?