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March 2005
March 1 - Tuesday
Oscar Predictions & the Wine Kitty
Students to go on eight-week crime spree
Live out your Sci-Fi Fantasy!
ooops - You have a pocketknife at the airport
March 2 - Wednesday
Pranks and “Sissybritches” Jones
Don't call iDownload "Spyware"
free ice cream from yahoo!
Society is dead, we have retreated into the iWorld
Worker and Parasite!
Pranks Hall of Fame
Shak Har Boobis
Save Toby!
March 3 - Thursday
115 of the best movies - Wookiee got so sad
Strangled to death on an escalator
The Elusive Florida Skunk-Ape
Jiro the Samurai Monkey
Microsoft to launch child-watching teddy robots
Best of CraigsList Day!
R.I.P. Martin Denny
March 4 - Friday
"The Drugs I Need!"
Further proof that lincoln was gay
Listen up, cacklers
Lloyd Axworthy's open letter to Condi Rice
Hot Middle-America Bigots
Cutest kitten in poptart box
March 6 - Sunday
NYC: Come. Don't Come. Whatever.
The Dangers of Nose Candy
For HC With Love
March 7 - Monday
Iraq Culture Smart Cards
Cat doors and image recognition algorithms
A useful tool for y'all
NFL doesn't like some words
March 8 - Tuesday
Shame of the city
When chimps attack
Bono May Make Short List To Head World Bank
J.J. Redick Writes Poetry!
March 9 - Wednesday
The Doctor Returns!
The Fruit Machine
Lets Go Lebanon
History of the Subway
seona dancing
Exciting Korean Cartoons About Movies
Tim And Eric Dot Com
March 10 - Thursday
Eating and Drinking in NYC
True P0rn Clerk Stories
Fred Durst Cartoon Sex Tape
Move Over Betty Crocker
What is the frequency Dan?
robot comix
March 11 - Friday
I want a wood-grain iPod.
Celebrating Women in New York City
The European Send-Off
Stories about losing your virginity
where'd the cheese go?
March 12 - Saturday
1970's world
March 14 - Monday
The Absolutely No-Anything Diet
The Last Days of Enron
AOL reserves the right to publish your AIM chats
traffic nonsense (not from Rhode Island)
Walk in the Footsteps of the Lord
Your favorite new band
March 15 - Tuesday
Monkey Joe: Friend of Squirrel Girl
Party of a lifetime
not your father's red sox
A Few Tips to Cope With Life's Annoyances
How Lisa Came to Israel
March 16 - Wednesday
Rumor: Two button mouse on Macs
One Ring To Rule Them All...
Drill it up, ya bastids
The First 9 Months...
Two aquitted in Air India bombings
CraigsList in Space!
March 17 - Thursday
Customize Google News
Pimp my Firefox
Little Gems - Belle and Sebastien
it's that time of year when we need a PIRATE CRUISE!
origins of shouting "freebird!" at any and all concerts
Matisyahu: The Hasidic Reggae Superstar
Right-Left and the Scrotum in Greek sculpture
Pirate Treasure...
March 18 - Friday
Quality, not Quantity
Tsunamis. Super models. Fox News.
Descartes made e-z
Pony Auto Collision
Latte art
March 19 - Saturday
It's all one thing
March 20 - Sunday
Weclome Spring!
March 21 - Monday
I'm scared of terrorists attacking me in bed
I'm comin straight outta Compton
I feel a great disturbance in the force
The end is near.
March 22 - Tuesday
Star Wars weekend at Disney
What would Jesus eat?
I cannot take it any more
March 23 - Wednesday
How to Talk to Your Children about Bigfoot
Bob Dylan + Johnny Cash
Bill Nye is back--
Stank Ass Sneakers
Stuck In Rehab With Pat O'Brien
House of Cosbys
Crash Remix
March 24 - Thursday
How much actual gold is in Goldschlager?
Seals in NYC
Cougar Free Zone
Dude! Your computer screen done vanished!
Go, bat, go!
I Work With Fools...
March 25 - Friday
Thompson's WHAT?
Monkey chase is highlight of field trip
Schiavo Firefox Extension
Shitty Kitty
Brando Pants
Awesome California Survey Dude
March 26 - Saturday
Why Japan?
Welcome baby Pirate
March 27 - Sunday
Dogs In Snoods
March 28 - Monday
Today is Best of Craigslist Day!
Roundtable: The French Paradox
March 29 - Tuesday
It Takes More Than a Living Will...
Compare and Contrast
New Neill Cumpston
12,042 falls involved the bed
i know how this guy feels
Really Sweet Guide to Flipping Out and Killing People
March 30 - Wednesday
Manhattan's first embarrassing piece of Vegas backwash
World Moustache Championship
Spring Fever Grips Maryland
Adventures on the MetroBus
Hedgehog Your Cellaphone
March 31 - Thursday
Heaven knows it's all purely academic now
pull over, and put the baby's hands up!
Shumai April Micro Tour!
We are idiots
Scariest girl ever