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March 2006
March 1 - Wednesday
Lindbergh Baby Kidnapped
The NY'ers guide to Trader Joe's
My Observational Comedy Bits That Continually Bomb
Bush Makes Surprise Visit to Afghanistan
Encyclopodia - Wikipedia on your iPod
March 2 - Thursday
H&R Blockheads mess up own taxes
The Google Cafeteria
The Kid From Brooklyn
March 3 - Friday
War on Doggystyle
Bill O'Reilly: Straight out of Scranton
A report from the inventor of the flash mob - Part 2
March 4 - Saturday
Gay Blind Mountain Climber
The Real Life Simpsons
March 5 - Sunday
holy breakfast
I Love Egg!
March 6 - Monday
Citibank under fraud attack
Chow Holland
Ball kicking emoticons
Ten things I hate about local TV news
"I did it because it felt so good"
March 7 - Tuesday
All about March 7th
The Jonathan Ames & Moby Show
Simpsons 'trump' First Amendment
Yugoslavian Record Covers
March 8 - Wednesday
Battle Rhythm of the Networked Knights
South Dakota: A beacon in childcare
fake model photos
Consider the Furry Lobster
Open Letters
Purple sausage
March 9 - Thursday
Top Ten CafePress T-Shirts for Robots
March 10 - Friday
A moment of dog monkey zen
The Minor Ethicist
How to enjoy sushi
that dog bit my penis
March 12 - Sunday
There's a pug in the Google office
March 13 - Monday
The Torn-Up Credit Card Application
Google Mars
Habeas Schmabeas
cleaning your realdoll
Isaac Hayes Quits 'South Park'
March 14 - Tuesday
Loch Ness Monster Was an Elephant?
National pi day
torn-up credit card app test
Water Bears!
Geek Holidays
March 15 - Wednesday
Victoria deals out pwn4g3
Porno titles
New Scientist Special Report on Robots
March 16 - Thursday
What if Microsoft designed the IPod
Please update your account
Jon seems crazy to be talking to his cat like that.
Sharon Stone + Simon Peres
Can I hire the Amish?
March 17 - Friday
The faux Irish pub revolution
March 18 - Saturday
Border Photos
March 19 - Sunday
50 Tools which can help you in Writing
Scientology - Trapped in the Closet
March 20 - Monday
Mother or Monkey? Babies don't care.
talking cats!
Second Annual Myspace Stupid Haircut Awards
ˇWelcome Spring!
Isaac Hayes In No Position To Quit Anything
March 21 - Tuesday
Puppy v. Cat
Pre-pixelated clothes...
March 22 - Wednesday
Chimps like Natalie
Children's Scientology Pageant
Coyote caught in Central Park
Map of the world as drawn by the average American
Warm My Weiner on your iPod
Decanting Robert Parker
March 23 - Thursday
Best of CraigsList Day!
Glaucoma! Glaucoma!
20 Wonderfully Irrelevant Andy Griffith Show Conversations
March 24 - Friday
Dick Cheney's Suite Demands
Dedication Honors Nude Britney Spears Giving Birth
Weird Old Cylinder Music
March 25 - Saturday
Improv Everywhere on This American Life
R.I.P. Buck Owens
March 27 - Monday
Jack Handey: Ideas for Paintings
Compare & Contrast: Dogs. Robots.
Songs on a Plane!
Huge leak, coming through
March 28 - Tuesday
Chupacabras spotted in NC
Ansel Adams: City of the Angels
Chuck Taylor disappears *poof*
March 29 - Wednesday
Chuck Taylor - Oh wait, there he is.
March 30 - Thursday
Darondo says treat the ladies right
See Spring Happen!
The Perfect P*nis
March 31 - Friday
The Pour
I'm so sorry. I was multitasking.
Former village people cop arrested by real cop
Fiendish Animation