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March 2007
March 1 - Thursday
You are not special
The Feel of Cotton. Mouths.
Pop Stars: Usually Crazy
Robots in hell
Don't call me n*****, Big Stinky
No One Is Supposed To Touch Your Private Parts
Bras! On! Dogs!
George Bush forgets rules, nearly kills self
March 2 - Friday
Baby Tiger + Baby Orangutan = OMIGOD!!
Kerry vs. Swift Boat Benefactor
Islamic Group's Wrath Stokes Fears in Gaza
Lava in Stromboli!
Jerry Falwell: Satan's inconvenient warming
Swiss invade Liechtenstein
March 3 - Saturday
The cutest hangover ever
NYT's reviews Rob Corddry's new TV show
This Caturday?
March 4 - Sunday
The Corey Haim Video Diary + Dolphins in your blood
Baby pandas put your baby to shame
March 5 - Monday
Aiyeee! Escaped Gorilla!
It's Fun to Veto at the YMCA
The story behind 2006's World Press Photo of the year
RIAA Announces Webcast Rate
March 6 - Tuesday
The Sun moving around like it does
Laws of Physics That Don't Apply in Hollywood
You're going to jail!
Paris Hilton. Birthday Party. Goats. Midgets.
The Peekskill Meteorite
March 7 - Wednesday
The Bunkum Bros. - Cock Puppets!
Brother & Sister stand by forbidden love
March 8 - Thursday
Welcome to Keith's Homepage
MUJI Store Coming to NYC
Oh Noes! Burrow Owl!
Birthplace of Sliced Bread
Rob and Nate Corddry on Today's Fresh Air
March 9 - Friday
Hawaii. Gas costs a lot. Surprise.
Valerie Plame outed... as a fox
NYT does BBQ again
What's for lunch?
March 11 - Sunday
Set your clock back. Or forward. Or something.
March 12 - Monday
Bomb! Snooze!
The Truth About Porno 8-Tracks
Don't bump into people on the dancefloor
Curb Your Enthusiasm Frees Wrongly Accused Man from Prison
March 13 - Tuesday
Monster Renaissance Fair
Certegy: Your check sucks
Crowley Finger
Viacom suing YouTube for $1 billion
Second Avenue Subway: Actual Ground Breaking
Pubic Hair Fashion Show! (NSFW, natch)
March 14 - Wednesday
McSweeney's Stained Teeth
Troop of One Hundred
Chewbacca in Europe
The 300-pound con man in hot-pink sunglasses
March 15 - Thursday
Inappropriate: The Clattery Caboose
The attorneygate e-mails
GoogleEarth: The All-Water Angle
New species of leopard discovered
March 16 - Friday
banana + cell phone + holder
Me & My Dead Zombie Relatives from Hell can't stop Iran
March 18 - Sunday
Hello Tiny Squirrel
March 19 - Monday
9/11: A sad day
Richard S. Prather, Author of Naked Mysteries, Dies at 85
Can you decide?
March 20 - Tuesday
Ricky Gervais in Africa
March 21 - Wednesday
Honey. There's a cougar at the door.
It's Spring (or at least the spring equinox)
A Conversation at the Grownup Table, as Imagined at the Kids' Table
I'm on ur pole bein' all cute
Search the web for K-Fed Sucks
Good ol' Lily Tomlin
Get behind Whiplash™ the Cowboy Monkey!
March 22 - Thursday
Penis Shaped Cheeto
Fun with Tom Delay
March 23 - Friday
r.i.p. larry 'bud' melman
The Oral Sex Epidemic
March 26 - Monday
Dine in Brooklyn 2007!
It's Big Feets!
Indian Thriller
Don't Ask. Please Don't Tell.
March 27 - Tuesday
The Taming of the Chef
Eurovision Song Contest 2007 entries
Death Scenes
david shrigley presents modern thought
March 28 - Wednesday
Geese vs. Border Collies
Hacking John McCain - He's now for gay marriage!
All hail POG
Lick it, Jedi Master, Lick it!
March 29 - Thursday
Michael Jackson wants Vegas robot
Gipsy Village
Aliens and Narconon could of saved Anna Nicole
March 30 - Friday
Skidboot: RIP
Carl Rove. Rappin.
Pam isn't wearing any clothes.
Cock Puppets: Terrorists are mean
The Good News About Nuclear Destruction
Earth Hour This Weekend
March 31 - Saturday
the cutest goddamn thing evar.
top 100 april fool's jokes of all time