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March 2008
March 1 - Saturday
Worst Hotel Ever
March 3 - Monday
Is your child a tagger?
How to get on a plane
March 4 - Tuesday
Kirby Vacuum Cleaners: Awesome Sales Team
Dog hearts goat!
Cheeseburger In A Can
McMansion Slums
The Gangs of Sherman Oaks
if saul bass did the star wars opening title sequence
Happy National Grammar Day!
March 5 - Wednesday
Hillary made Obama darker?
Frankly Wines in the NY Sun
Damn you, Frank Bruni!
Patrick Swayze has five weeks to live
March 6 - Thursday
A Reason to Head to W'burg? Fried Chicken!
Michael Musto: The Last Sitting
Biscuits. Want.
El Dia Del Mustache - Announcing El Dia 6!
iPhone: Outlook Exchange & Notes support
March 7 - Friday
Hot Pants
Patrick Swayze is not going to die (real soon)
Google Calendar meet Outlook
More Chores Please!
March 8 - Saturday
Are You a Douchebag?
March 9 - Sunday
Geek Love Flowchart
March 10 - Monday
David Sedaris delivers a pizza
How Things Even Out
Etch A Sketch Clock
I need a glass of sex-hormone water
Spitzer Is Linked to Prostitution Ring
Red Hook Food Vendors get 6 Year Permit
March 11 - Tuesday
We Can Haz Spitzer Photoshop?
Spitzer: Smoking Gun
Who the world would choose for the US president
March 12 - Wednesday
2004: Prostitution Ring + Spitzer
Dolphin Appears to Guide Whales to Sea
Scandals: Wife standing by
rejected star wars toy ideas
March 13 - Thursday
Senator Larry Craig Looking for Summer Interns
So You Hacked Our Site!?
Lost Boys II
My Version of Heaven
Introducing Fred and Sharon Spencer
March 14 - Friday
Have You Seen This (Black) Child?
The Faces of Gun America
March 15 - Saturday
The Scientologists Celebrate The Birthday Of The Prophet
Xenu goes after Anonymous (on YouTube at least)
March 17 - Monday
New Robot in the Outer Spaces
Former Aide Claims Threesome with McGreeveys
March 18 - Tuesday
Teachers like apples. Cops like donuts.
Clamshell iPhone?
You should've married a Diplozoon paradoxum
Wiener Retriever Trainer
March 19 - Wednesday
Jessica had a hotdog bun dropped on her head
Hillary Clinton's Schedule
Boston Dynamics Big Dog
Bin Laden has his Global War on Cartoons.
March 20 - Thursday
I am for washboarding
Introducing the Eyeclops
The Zune is hot in outerspace
Happy Spring!
March 21 - Friday
The Deserving Winners Of The YouTube Awards
"Kiss it"
My Year Of Flops: Dragon Wars
March 22 - Saturday
Cory Entertains
Happy National Corn Dog Day
March 23 - Sunday
Neverland - a photoset
Happy Easters
Mom, It's Me, Your Son, Finally - New York Times
WNYC - Radiolab: Pop Music (March 21, 2008)
March 24 - Monday
Camera tied to a bench
March 25 - Tuesday
Guns for your Lego People
Photoshop Disasters
Gophers: 1 - Humans: 0
Three words: Midget Hillary Clinton
Goes well with hot dogs
March 26 - Wednesday
Rick on Rickrolling
Red Wine Antioxidant Kills Cancer!
The Dirtiest Subway Trains in New York City
March 27 - Thursday
What Will Life Be Like in the Year 2008?
March 28 - Friday
The Door to Hell (trying to heat the whole world)
Not Rock On: Woodentops
March 29 - Saturday
Mountain Gorillas- Rwanda
What We Eat
The Pat Daddy
March 30 - Sunday
John Hughes films trivia
Fold-Ins, Past and Present
March 31 - Monday
Monkey Accused Of Attempted Rapes
Ladies In Hades
Stephen Malkmus, Musician
Rickey Henderson Haikus
Tron Animated with Cardboard
Geeky April Fools' Day Prank Roundup