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April 2004
April 1 - Thursday
Robot tote bags and iPod cozies
Afrikaners: A World Apart
Bloomberg to ban smoking in homes
J-Walk goes girlie
More Engrish
EZ-Bake Oven for the PC
Portable Zip Code System announced
50 Most Loathsome New Yorkers
April 2 - Friday
Brave Cone Dog + Abe + Jerry + Mr. T
Bored Kid from Presidential Video on Letterman tonight
Visit Molvania!
April 3 - Saturday
Don't forget the tip
April 5 - Monday
Neal Pollack reviews the 'Left Behind' series
I failed the third grade
April 6 - Tuesday
Cost of War
GPS reveals secret lives of cougars
Album covers drawn from memory in MS Paint
Dog Biscuits and TGIFridays
Let's Make Enemies
Word of the Day for Monday: Palaver
April 7 - Wednesday
"the spirit of solar gypsies on a traveling caravan"
By sleeping with me you are helping me fight cancer
UMASS Front Percussion Ensemble: "Paranoid Android"
Because it sounds like you’re trying to sell me a shiny new golf cart.
The Terrorists Have WON!!!
My crap vs. oprah's
Who is that with Jeremy?
April 8 - Thursday
Voters in California Deny Giant Wal-Mart
Test your drink for date-rape drugs
Dance Dance Revolution on one leg
The Iraq war told by Bush Administration officials
Best Ad Ever.
The Face(s) of War
best web writing anthology
April 9 - Friday
Force a chicken to do your will
Sushi Fresh From the Deep
Mall Employees Reminisce
say it with words
Rule #1 of ebay:
Who will be eaten first?
April 11 - Sunday
Bin Ladin Determined to Strike in US - The Document
April 12 - Monday
Which TV's Friends are you?
Pss.. Hey kid, you like muffins?
Kenny Rogers - Goblin!
Hall of Technical Documentation Weirdness
Inappropriate Auctions
Reduce Workplace Productivity by 43%!
April 13 - Tuesday
Air Marshal Leaves Gun in Airport Restroom
Circus Clown and his 4 Bedroom train car
rocking out in nyc
Brooklyn Restaurant Week Apr 15-22
Tangled Up in Boobs
Cellphone Jammers
Neill Cumpston: Greatest Reviewer of ALL TIME.
April 14 - Wednesday
I Was Kim Jong Il's Cook
All about your 401(k)
Two great articles from this week's Onion
This one just writes itself
finally, some good news!
April 15 - Thursday
Customer Bitten by Rattlesnake @ Lowes
Say something funny: Andres du Bouchet
Attn: Strangers With Candy fans...
The Onion is real news. We swear.
ID Sniper - The Logical Solution
Accidental Video Game Porn
April 16 - Friday
Why The Internet Rules by David Willems
Neill's Brother?
You know you work in Corporate American when...
The August 2001 PDB: PowerPoint version
April 18 - Sunday
Stuff I didn't know about Jesse Jackson
April 19 - Monday
Oh my, what nice sweaters
the girl detective
Batman & Robin are in Reading (England)!
April 20 - Tuesday
Get your AC ready
I am Tron!
Turn off the TV
The curse of The Ziering.
Rumsfeld Fu
April 21 - Wednesday
"We Built This City" - the worst song ever.
Yet Another Personality Test
Gothamist: Sushi Etiquette
pantone birthday colors
April 22 - Thursday
Cougar vs. Wolf
undersea mahjongg
The Pixies - 4/13/2004
MetaFilter discussing Kirk Cameron
EEK! Gender Genie says I'm a girl!
Walking Illusions
Why I love eBay, Part XVIII
April 23 - Friday
John Kerry Is A Douche Bag But...
"talk American!"
Designs on the White House
Endorsed by Kirk Cameron!
We made love in a tree
Toothbrush in Ass
8-Bit D&D
April 24 - Saturday
Interview with Ricky Gervais
April 25 - Sunday
JetPacks Rock!
Magic: The Politicians
April 26 - Monday
three red-headed Barbie dolls
toilet breaks - clerk sues the city
Soaking yourself in technology
The Writing's On The Stall
April 27 - Tuesday
Companies that outsource
What are you eating? Really?
that cool, refreshing drink
One Wedding Dress. Only worn twice...
April 28 - Wednesday
the official digital camera of the internet!
Rent Control, Moscow Style
Jeff Goldblum Is Watching You Poop
April 29 - Thursday
Reality show offering baby as prize
Don't sell your crackpipe to buy crack
Sex in space
Is that a Poem in Your Pocket?
April 30 - Friday
Jiang Zemin, I love you...
WFMU CD & Record Fair this weekend
Robot! Make funny NOW!
Images from Iraq
wholesome swimwear
Woman soldier points at genitals of naked Iraqis