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April 2005
April 1 - Friday
Corporate Mash Ups
Hey Penguins! April fools!
college pirates kick the ass of college republicans
Google Gulp
Look Up More
Jump On It
Ward Churchill at the Anarchist Bookfair
April 2 - Saturday
The Magician: "the Peach Pit of the blogger set"
April 3 - Sunday
Tupac Alive!
F*ck Customer Proprietary Network Information
What are we protecting you from, a wrong cheeseburger?
I like to watch
April 4 - Monday
Cuitlacoche (Don't Eat It)
Headline of the week!
A few Papal items for Monday
April 5 - Tuesday
Are the new frozen dinners any good?
What $590 will get you in Williamsburg
Perfect for teens!
Twinkies Sushi
Google Ridefinder
People are strange
righteous clothings
April 6 - Wednesday
Trailer all blowed up
The Nicki Rose Documentary
Nelly's Fruit Confusion
Earth Day Footprint Quiz
April 7 - Thursday
Star Wars fans elicit a global sigh yet again
Gallery of Shaken Faces
Learn to Disco
Text of Pope's Last Will and Testament
April 8 - Friday
Get Perpendicular
Dine in Brooklyn
Real Alternatives for Media Players
Pirates and Fonts!
April 10 - Sunday
I Love Stool!
April 11 - Monday
Letters from Egypt
Presidents aren't like the rest of us
April 12 - Tuesday
Swim boy, Swim!
Bill O'Reilly: Pope was senile
Porn is great
April 13 - Wednesday
The Nut Lady Returns
The Ultimate Lawsuit, er, Warrior
Two bedroom share - with a few rules
hey n00bz
Hobo Signs & Symbols
April 14 - Thursday
Little tiny dog has Costco card
Painted Prairie Dogs on Parade
Make Sure You Have Your Wet Ones
Finger in Wendy's Chili Not Related to Leopard Attack Incident
Welcome Ella Grace
April 15 - Friday
Smells of Barnyard and taste like...
the 5" modern family
thank water!
April 16 - Saturday
I Am So Jealous Of This Burglar
"Innocent Escapes" with the Brawny Man
April 18 - Monday
Craigslist + GoogleMaps = Housing Fun
You mean you want to have sex with robots?
Crichton, Strossel, Global Warming
Dick Cheney Releases 2004 Income Tax Return
KISS + Jazz Hands
who likes swearing?
I also love stool
April 19 - Tuesday
Tom DeLay editorials in pro-Bush papers
Firefox Henry Earl Checker
All about Corky
i can't get no...
April 20 - Wednesday
Wiki: Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger
Best of CraigsList Day!
Bigfoot spotted in Manitoba
Darth Vader Lives
April 21 - Thursday
Cute monkey of the day
Apple paid tech editor $15K to praise iPod
Old ladies will mess you up
file under: wtf?
Robots Taking Over The World: Not The Worst Thing To Fear
b-boy battle *2005*
April 22 - Friday
My first book tour
Four Two Oh (NO!)
Some of my friends at work are dummies
E-mails 'hurt IQ more than pot'
April 23 - Saturday
Ms. Subway Speaks
liebe mutter
April 24 - Sunday
Know pi to 800 digits! Super mathlete!
The Sock Monkey Festival
Faith the Wonder Dog
April 25 - Monday
The New York Times' 1977 review of Star Wars
A Law Dogs Would Write, if They Were Lawyers
April 26 - Tuesday
I'm totally in love!!
Oil Spills - Slippery Situations
A new definition, I suppose, of "Women's Interest" books
April 27 - Wednesday
My Living Will
Pixies, Weezer Head Lollapalooza Lineup
Social Security via Harper's Index
his desire is to destroy everything
April 28 - Thursday
Stick or Boomerang?
Jesus spotted at Astor Place
Polaroid sale worth $47 to each retiree
Tiger released today
The Darth Side
April 29 - Friday
Life-size X-Wing Fighter For Sale on E-Bay
Keep the weather free
$20 Million Game of Rock, Paper, Scissors
Dear 15 year old girls
...does whatever a spider can!
This makes me want to...
Calvin & Hobbes = Fight Club?
Pat O'Brien SoundBoard
Gov. Schwarzenegger praises 'Minutemen'