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April 2006
April 1 - Saturday
Help yourself to cheese
secret jesus
Pin All Your Romantic Hopes on Google
April 2 - Sunday
Cool Tat, Too Bad It's Gibberish
April 3 - Monday
Simpsons film confirmed for 2007
School cafeteria recipes
April 4 - Tuesday
Today should be mantis day
Time (and increasing facial hair)
Searching for the Perfect Key Lime Pie
April 5 - Wednesday
Dine-In Brooklyn
I need a personal blogging policy
the truth
Is Lost a Repeat?
April 6 - Thursday
Mmmmmm... Kayak
Make your own Chevy Ta-ho commercial
A Directory of the Lameness
The Easter Bunny Hates You
Personal Dumpster
vote, dammit.
April 7 - Friday
Tartan Day X-treme
Diary of a Runaway Dog
Sonic Grenades
April 8 - Saturday
April 9 - Sunday
The best photo gallery. Ever.
April 10 - Monday
I dare you to lick this cobra
Possible Surprise Endings for Snakes on a Plane
Prison Movie Night: Brokeback Mountain
April 11 - Tuesday
55th Wedding Anniversary
Jews Fattening up Central Park Monkeys
Giant Wiener Dogs float through Mid-town!
April 12 - Wednesday
Albino he-she, seeks similar
Bullshit Bingo!
Bad Bunny
Cat Stuck in Wall Waves Paw for Help
in robot news...
April 13 - Thursday
Don't be a robot
Snake Bots!
Crazy White House Gossip
April 14 - Friday
Hump my stumpy lumpy hump!
Only in the movies...
Walking every street in Manhattan
Look Out Marion Barry. Welcome to the New New Orleans.
April 16 - Sunday
Cougar attacks 7-year-old hiker
The Easter Turducken
April 17 - Monday
The Spectacular Bottle Dancers
Residents Besieged by Iguanas
Chametz Feast For Zoo Monkeys
Bush pays $187,768 in taxes
April 18 - Tuesday
Art/comics? NYC?
Prefab Housing for Hermit Crabs
I will eat the placenta!
Roosevelt Island Tram stalls
April 19 - Wednesday
1980's Italo Disco.
April 20 - Thursday
San Francisco Quake—Then and Now
The 100 unsexiest men in the world
April 21 - Friday
Unemployed Skeletor
Dog Gets Stuck In Pipe
Best Friends Forever Cereal
Google Calendar
April 22 - Saturday
GWB falling through balls
¡Holy Giant Bunny!
What About Brian?
April 23 - Sunday
My flight under the Eiffel Tower
April 24 - Monday
marimba ponies!!
Puppies + Squirrel
Subway: The palace of human failure
Purple Hearts - now on MySpace
April 25 - Tuesday
You f*cking nincom-f*cking-poop
Bird House Cam!
The Land of Turkmenbashi
White Men Cant Rap
April 26 - Wednesday
Meet your new White House Press Secretary
China has gotten her boobies
April 27 - Thursday
Journey so rocks!
rkpix | 400 Minute Work Week movie
April 28 - Friday
I think they need a new sketch artist
The promise of spontaneous monkeysex
Chicago city council approves foie gras ban
April 29 - Saturday
Wes Anderson + AmEx = Love
The Last True Ninja
The Bear (a small one)