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April 2007
April 1 - Sunday
Free Broadband Service via your commode
NYC to pass cell phone ringtone law
Gmail Paper!
l33t k33z
April 2 - Monday
Penn & Teller + Wal-Mart
Hippo Head Open Mouth
Hippo Head Closed Mouth
Turn off the Lights
April 3 - Tuesday
Some planets are big. Some are small.
Girl trap: small puppy
Peter Popoff: Faith Healer
Stu's 1 year anniversary
April 4 - Wednesday
Clever title about snakes and google
Predictions about 2001 made in 1901
The 2007 TV Season - Still Sucking
Greatest Establishment Shot Ever (at least for C-SPAN)
Iran to Release Hostages (again)
Starbucks Cranks Up The Evil
April 5 - Thursday
anDREW tHE ARTist Rules!
My Maps, from Google
April 6 - Friday
Americans Say the Stupidest Things!
April 7 - Saturday
How to stop Hiccups
April 9 - Monday
Shocking Cats!
SQL Injection
Eagle Insurance
Lincoln Auto Insurance
April 10 - Tuesday
To Catch a Predator: NYC
The cutest D'oh ever!
Kenny Rogers & Willie Nelson: Tiger Roommates
In case you were wondering...
April 11 - Wednesday
All Mistakes
Cat takes visible bus
What is the SR-22?
April 12 - Thursday
This American Lie
RIP: Kurt Vonnegut
Gackt is Steal My Sweet Angel Holypie! It Was a Good Pie.
Best. Book. Website. Ever.
Pixel those video screens
pants for kicking ass
April 13 - Friday
Orangoutans love Friendly Monkey Valley
Study Wine? Buy and Drink!
Google Earth + Darfur
Bucket-less seal biting humans
David Blaine: Stop putting sh1t on our bodies
April 14 - Saturday
Too many monkeys
April 16 - Monday
Abstinence-Only Sex Education: Working if by "working" you mean "not"
My phone is trying to kill me
DVD region-free
VA Tech Shooting
April 17 - Tuesday
Charles Mingus + Cat Toilet Traning
The New Yorker discovers parkour
For Bacon, Press Here
Anthony Bourdain reviews Food Network's Craptacular Awards Show
Billy's Balls 2
£1 = $2
Deceitful charlatans cause for shooting rampage
The Landlord
April 18 - Wednesday
Richard McBeef
Orangutans are real smart
Miracle Wimp
Google is doing Powerpoint
A Whale in the Gowanus Canal?
A Little Perspective
April 19 - Thursday
Hip-Hop Ho's vs. Don Imus Ho's
RIP: Sludgie the Whale
April 20 - Friday
Old School LOL Cats
Sony Sucks - Part II
Explore Chinatown NYC
April 22 - Sunday
Gators moving to Long Island
Iggy Pop turns 60
April 23 - Monday
Tiny Tiny Pony
Patches the Horse
Rob Corddry: NYT Magazine Domains
YouTube - The Believers Heaven
RIP Boris
Crazy People + Guns = ?
A Life Consumed by a Troubling Silence
April 24 - Tuesday
Where the bees go?
Interview: Eddie Deezen
Should of vs. Should have
Cats Can Has Grammar
Best Scenes from The Wicker Man
April 25 - Wednesday
A horse and a drunken man walk into a bank...
Boris Yeltsin: A life in pictures
the guy wasn't crazy - he was straight up retarded
Asymmetric tail-wagging responses by dogs
April 26 - Thursday
More tiny horses
GWB + Senegalese drummers=actual hilarity
We Are ADP
In soviet russia, bucket misses you
Chocolate Rain
April 27 - Friday
What They Said: Iraq Four Years Ago
Sea Monkeys!!
The Sex Diaries of Six "Real" New Yorkers
Sassy, Oh How I Loved You
and so it goes
April 28 - Saturday
Stephen Hawking Airborne
April 29 - Sunday
The Grey squirrel: Not native in the UK
April 30 - Monday
GAIM is now Pidgin
The Robot Rebellion of 1982
Passports: More Patriotic
Meta Free Phor All