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April 2011
April 1 - Friday
Judge tosses out Yelp suit
Jar Jar Subway Car
ES Taste Tests the New Crystal Guinness
Flugelhorn Feline!
Gmail Motion BETA
Being a Google Autocompleter
April 2 - Saturday
White People Rapping Poorly
Tesla Sues Top Gear
YouTube - Stephen Colbert Sings
Jennifer Egan's Advice to Writers - The Daily Beast
GoDaddy CEO Videotapes Himself Killing An Elephant
Koran Burner: Creepier Than You Think
A quintessence of dust
April 4 - Monday
Australia is Dangerous
Grey Fluffy Clouds - The Orb Vocals Alan Parker
Liberty Inn Focuses on Romantic Moments, by the Hour
YouTube - ScholarMatch: Connecting Students & Donors – John & Bianca
Desperate WI Republican congressman struggling to get by on $174K
April 5 - Tuesday
See you in the Bronx, snakey
The 'Slutwalk'? Toronto, you crazy.
My interview with Marc Maron!
The ToughtCatalog is stupid.
April 6 - Wednesday
It's a robot. That mops.
Making Biscuits
Put Yourself in My Shoes
Oh, and then there is Karate Kyle
The New Commodore 64, Updated With Its Old Exterior -
Rock & Roll Map of Manhattan
April 7 - Thursday
Modern poetry made less terrifying - Poetry -
Nick Norton for Student Senate Secretary
I Was Gandhi's Boyfriend
The Great Depression: Interesting Facts
YouTube - WBC GOD H8S
Liberty Inn NYC: in Manhattan's vibrant Meat Market District.
'Sunday': Christian Parody of Rebecca Black's 'Friday'
Maryland man glued to toilet seat
The only poll you need to understand the shutdown
The New Commodore 64
April 8 - Friday
Inside a Manhattan Sex Hotel
Fight For Your Right
The Daily Show does Glenn Beck
Celebrating National Poetry Month | The New York Review of Books
50 Unexplainable Black & White Photos
The 1%
The Sound of Young America w/ NewPo Carl Newman
April 9 - Saturday
John Krasinski (Red Sox) vs. Alec Baldwin (Yankees)
Southern states to be the most violent
Trailer: Lizzy Caplan, Abby Elliott, and Rob Riggle in the High Road | Movieline
Inside the Bizarre Criminal World of Ghana's Cyber-Juju Email Scam Gangs
Freelance Whales Whip Devo's 'Girl U Want' Into a Somber Ballad » Cover Me
The New York Apartment - Luc Sante Recalls His Stealing Neighbors at His Lower East Side Apartment – New York Magazine
Book Review - Beautiful and Pointless - A Guide to Modern Poetry - By David Orr -
April 10 - Sunday
Brooklyn Lego
A Case of Internet Addiction
April 11 - Monday
The World's Most Spectacular Roads
Enough With The Truffle Oil Already
April 12 - Tuesday
Canning Peeps
Belgian stereotypes debunked
Babies love Applebee's
Best of A Normal Day
Evil Horde Occupies 'Controversial' Bike Lane
Olive Garden Actually Has a Tuscan Cooking School, Kind Of Customer Reviews: Family Circus
Photographs of Libya's Quiet Moments
Aziz Ansari: No to Food Truck.
Julian Assange: On the Dancefloor
April 13 - Wednesday
Letterman. Gervais. Golden Globes Jokes.
What Donald Trump's Birther Investigators Will Find in Hawaii
1970s Venice Beach captured in all its grainy goodness
Jiro Dreams of Sushi
April 14 - Thursday
Priest Sex Abuse Victims Were "Not Children" And "Not Raped"
No More Flip Camera
Dining with Coupons
The Aged Simulation Set
Learn karate from a white guy who learned from a real Asian!
Smile and Wave
The Uncanny Valley
Shaking Hands
April 15 - Friday
Das Racist on The Sound of Young America
Is the world around us corked?
We went to Google Yesterday
God Help You Out, Paul
Pi + Bicycle
The Fading Sounds of Analog Technology
NYU Hawk Cam
Local Hypocrites
Rep. Crowley (D-NY) - Speechless
Jesus Saves
Which Train: F or A?
April 16 - Saturday
Hot Chicks Room
Owner of Lucali Is Injured During Afternoon Attack
Cats and Chefs
You are listening to Los Angeles
April 17 - Sunday
Hello Moon
April 18 - Monday
Watch Clips From Charlie Rose's Super Chef-tacular Hour
April 19 - Tuesday
Facebook makes me envious. Waaah.
Anil Dikshit Rules
Unplanned travels
High School Production of Star Wars the Musical
Customers are the Worst
'Weird' Al Yankovic in Venice
Cats in the Sea Services
April 20 - Wednesday
Why I'm a good Christian.
Jesus is coming back for revenge
Need Small Boat
This Man Lost His Hamburger to a Tornado
The Serious Eats Guide to Dim Sum
April 21 - Thursday
Obama's Young Mother Abroad
Foodie v. Fast Food
Chinese Citizens on Tour in Europe
Japanese style fried chicken?
Do you think a cab would take us from New York to LA?
April 22 - Friday
Kitten Nightmares!
Teen Fakes Pregnancy For School Project
Fuji Retro Digital Camera Shuns Zoom
April 23 - Saturday
The Dogs of Central Park
April 24 - Sunday
Jesus via the internet
Go the F*ck to Sleep
April 25 - Monday
The Fashion World is Shitting Us, Right?
Iced Coffee 101
Corgi Cake
Hipster Lincoln: Above-Ground Railroads Are So Mainstream
Magazine Scammers (for people who still buy magazines)
Tacos: The Manual
The Easter Quiz
McDonald's Perp Was Busted There Before
Animated Chewbacca
Age of America to end in 2016
"What is happening to me?"
Vivian Maier Photographer
April 26 - Tuesday
Delusional. Portraits.
Bring Your Own Big Wheel
Jim's Journal is Back
Imagining a Compact Camera Designed by Leica and Apple
How To Make Bacon Roses
April 27 - Wednesday
The GOP loves ObamaCare
The Jersey Floor
Friendster to Erase Old Photos and Other Profile Content
Face to Face
Smoked Salmon on Smith Street
180. 360.
Obama releases 'long form' birth certificate
Obama Reveals Unsuccessful Run for President of Kenya
The Chef's Table at Brooklyn Fare: Three Stars
Girth Certificate
April 28 - Thursday
Randy Quaid bares all in Vancouver
What China Doesn't Understand
Tornado. Scary.
Obama's Birth Certificate Exposed as a Hoax!
Why Won't Barack Obama Release His Elementary School Report Cards?
April 29 - Friday
What do you think Mr. T is daydreaming about?
Oh, Yelpers
Champagne & Pretty Ladies: A Photo Essay
Gotta Have My Cereal
The Wilhelm Scream: Another Compilation
Bicycle wine rack
April 30 - Saturday
How to Make the Perfect Cup of Coffee
Freak Dancing Prohibited