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May 2004
May 1 - Saturday
India-Pakistan Travels
Text of Open Letter from Google's Founders
Pre- and post-blast photos of Ryongchon
May 2 - Sunday
Word of the day: Confit
yum-yum yellow
May 3 - Monday
Things to Make You Glad You Take the Subway
Torture At Abu Ghraib
Want a job in Iraq?
Happy (late) Loyalty Day
summer beach necessities
May 4 - Tuesday
Sky Mall Pop Quiz
When you put good people in an evil place
gold toofs
A Hole, A Pac-man, A Monkey riding a horse
Oprah is Offensive
May 5 - Wednesday
The Shining in 30-secs Enacted by Bunnies
worst. prom photos. ever.
May 6 - Thursday
Bike Month NYC: May 2004
Raising Chickens
With a walkman, in the bathroom.
get thine pen out
No Pants Day 2004 is Friday, May 7th
Woe is Dr. Zizmor
Lost in Translation
Different phrases mean different things to different people
the only one who could ever reach me
Mystery cat caught!?
Good Greif
May 7 - Friday
Whatever... Fashion.
Good Riddance Friends
karate kid shower costume
May 10 - Monday
Abu Ghraib and the Stanford Prison Experiment
Monkey College
Spring Thaw Allows for Burials in Alaska
Trojan Wars
Spock on Bilbo
Hulk Rules!
May 11 - Tuesday
Beck @ Coachella
How Do You Pronounce "Abu Ghraib"?
Toward Thee I Lurch...
Be a villain today!
May 12 - Wednesday
A steady diet of right-wing media
Iraqis Shocked by Beheading
Howard Stern and Ira Glass
Crappy Verbless Book
May 13 - Thursday
Why don't we just skip this step and go straight to using pasties
Blogging! Now on the Internet!
Finally, a reason for your camphone.
Octopus Love
May 14 - Friday
Why You Should Never Put Your Picture on the Internet
wigs in brooklyn
Your raccoon was fat
Googlebombing for Jews
Famous Monkeys Through History
May 15 - Saturday
The last GBV album?
May 16 - Sunday
Who didn't see this one coming?
'And after that, oral sex!"
President Jimmy Carter and the "killer rabbit"
help illiterate foreigners tie the knot
what's wrong with a little synergy?
May 17 - Monday
Oh, what a night!
Would you like bottled water, or tap???
John Stewart's Commencement Address
Maybe they'll go away...
Nick Berg's Killing: 50 Fishy Circumstances
More Moore, please
May 18 - Tuesday
repeated sex fantasies about African-American pirates
My name is Sonny Payne
Fresh Direct vs. Fairway vs. Whole Foods
The Truth about Cicadas
R.I.P. Tony Randall
May 19 - Wednesday
Cougar Chased by Dog
Far From Home, a Mother Shares Triumph
Why the hell do they always say "Hello nurse?"
May 20 - Thursday
Passing along some propaganda for today
Finding the perfect dog
He's Alive!
That's not a knife...this is a knife.
May 21 - Friday
I pity the fool who don't eat party cake
Robots On Strike!
Deadline Extension!
The wonders of peat
May 22 - Saturday
In Gaza, Bodies, Rubble and a Lost Zoo
May 24 - Monday
Video Shows Iraq Wedding Celebration
Father and daughter found living in woods
Pink Dinosaur appears on remote New Zealand volcano
Speech is free unless it's critical
I love you.
Forgotten NYC
May 25 - Tuesday
What to do in an eruption
Take the Downtown Train
Hot Dogs + Art = Hot Dog Art
May 26 - Wednesday
Missing People in NYC
Pros and Cons of Kerry's Possible VP Choices
Those little orange XML buttons
Flatulent bulldogs rule
May 27 - Thursday
Number of American Idol voters may pass normal voters
The perils of iTunes celebrity playlists
The only bush I trust...
May 28 - Friday
Memorable Quotes from Space Ghost
Today is "best of craigslist" day
NYT review of a 'Clear Play' DVD player
Manhattan Sunset
This Rocks!
May 29 - Saturday
This weather hates our freedom
May 30 - Sunday
the f word
Who is the Greatest Captain?
Soft Drink Nation