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May 2005
May 2 - Monday
Teens pretend to be ice cream truck
Gator! Get out from under my ball!
Laura Bush: Take My Husband. Please!
The Superstar Squirrel
Washing machine does what?
Do You Dream In Rock'n'Roll or Black'n'White?
Big Brother is watching!!!!
May 3 - Tuesday
GreaseMonkey for Firefox
I'm not saying whether I came or not on Splash Day
The Recipe For Prison Pruno
Rejected "Love Is" comics
Random Vin Diesel Facts
Celebrate Penis Day!
PR man for dictators leaps to death
Pa. Eatery Offers New 15-Pound Burger - Yahoo! News
The Forbidden Library: Banned and Challenged Books
Flickr: Photos from Rosie O'Donnell
tough justice
May 4 - Wednesday
That Blue-Tooth sex thing was a hoax
Gene Simmons, Total Tool
Stink over rat fails to sink cafe
Invite Him To Dinner
May Is...
Reasons to Fear Canada
Welcome Dexter
May 5 - Thursday
Amazon to sell wine
All about Cinco de Mayo
top 10 most ridiculous hip-hop photos of all time
British Election Ads
May 6 - Friday
Towel origami proves tougher than expected
'Chapelle Show' Halts Production
John Cena/Mr. T/Gary Coleman Music Video
Boy Suspended After Talking To Mom In Iraq During Lunch Break
May 7 - Saturday
Newsbreakers and the cheese ninja
Saturday is Best of Craigslist day!
May 8 - Sunday
Church ousts Democrats
May 9 - Monday
No Pants Day 2005
National US ID?
A Blog Revolution? Get a Grip - New York Times
N.C. Anti - Cohabitation Law Under Attack
Pat Robertson hates those homos
wild horses becoming dogfood
dogs are great
May 10 - Tuesday
We Come In Peace
The Chowhound's Guide
Governor Girlie-Man!
May 11 - Wednesday
Landlord: Poisoned 3-year-old trespassed
Taking photos across America
I am the only who loves stool
Come see where we hide our eggs!
Report: Chappelle in Psych
May 12 - Thursday
Police Seek Runaway Drug Dog
Michael Jackson's ranch
Tasmanian Tiger footage
The Geographically Correct Subway Map
What Color Eyes Would Your Children Have?
Boy + Dress + Prom = Magic
May 13 - Friday
Effects of Florida's New NRA-Supported "Stand Your Ground" Law
Large cats and retaining walls
Elijah Wood Is Very, Very Gay
May 14 - Saturday
Saving the World from Global Warming, One Plastic Sheet at a Time
May 15 - Sunday
Today's paper: Horses and Roofs
May 16 - Monday
Are you afraid of this word?
Try these fun hoaxes!
Define "Blog"
Sydney stands
May 17 - Tuesday
Alcohol figures into some young Americans' European plans
The Reason Blogs exist
50 fun things to do with your iPod
Created by Gorey or God?
The New Yorker: Return of the Sith
Supreme Court Strikes Down Bans on Wine Shipments
May 18 - Wednesday
Go Forth and Multiply, Little Robot
Take that Roy Lichtenstein!
Meanwhile, inside a tornado...
Star Wars reviews - part II
Embarrassing Things That Might Happen to You While Using a Lightsaber
I love my Ad Guy Starter Kit
May 19 - Thursday
The Grackles take Houston
What Lucas plans to do next...
Mideast universities strike back on boycott
May 20 - Friday
The Daily Earthquake Forecast for California
Surfing the big bore
Blockbuster - Getting Desperate?
The King Of Black Metal
99 cents worth of societal commentary
See Saddam in Panties!
The Real R2D2
Bush comes to Milwaukee: hilarity ensues
May 22 - Sunday
NYC Bicycle Drag Race
The Top 10 filibuster falsehoods
May 23 - Monday
Customize Google
George Lucas: Dialogue Maestro
Photo gallery of primates
Save The Republic!
Dude, are you being sarcastic?
Search happyrobot via Firefox
May 24 - Tuesday
I'm Debby, a specialist in Todd Niesle
No more damn Chardonnay from California
My Life with Mayonnaise
Daily Idiot Update
Tom Cruise Has Ants In His Pants
Cumming--the fragrance
Three Words:
May 25 - Wednesday
R.I.P. - Ernest T. Bass
Crack on the highway
"Crazy Old Coot"
Florida - Always in the news
Leslie Hall's glittery sweaters
Where's My Copy of 'Leaves of Grass'?
Burt Reynolds Slaps TV Producer
May 26 - Thursday
Paris to NYC - 8 hours - underwater
Das Keyboard is blank
Radio Free Clear Channel
Baby falcons are pretty cute
Woo! Fainting goats!
Hey, look, Florida news item!
soon to be my new obsession
Poop on the go
May 27 - Friday
Spread open on Welcome Avenue
NYC Rooftop Bars Review
It's official: Rhode Island ranks last in driver awesomeness
Science outside the Box
May 28 - Saturday
Lake Pulls a Disappearing Act
Banker Charged With Assault and Lewdness
May 29 - Sunday
Great Whites in the Hudson
May 30 - Monday
Welcome Urhines Kendall Icy Eight Special K
May 31 - Tuesday
March Of The Penguins
Even Better Than The Real Thing
The 2005 Summer Religious Fashion Show
Deep Throat