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May 2006
May 1 - Monday
Browser based Google Earth
Mission Accomplished... Three years later
My Trident is as Blue as The Sea!
Detective Stories (April 14, 2006)
We should drink more rye whiskey
May 2 - Tuesday
Colbert @ the White House Correspondents Dinner
Greenpoint is on fire
May 3 - Wednesday
You're instigating our shirts!
Imitation chicken
Pirate Rap
May 4 - Thursday
Punk Pinball
Special Report: Friends With Benefits
You rebel scum...
For all you retro videogame enthusiasts...
Curbed Advertecture Corps: Now With $100 Bounty!
The Oozinator
May 5 - Friday
May: National Hamburger Month!
Iraq's most hilarious insurgent outtakes
Mexico is for lovers...of drugs.
Dad Needs You
Jumping off the Golden Gate - in color
May 8 - Monday
Monkey v. Tiger
St. Helens grows a fin
The many (badly drawn) faces of Tom Cruise
Apple Computer wins trademark dispute vs Beatles
May 9 - Tuesday
The infant Jesus in velvet pants
David Blaine's "Magic"
'Knight Rider' on the big screen
May 10 - Wednesday
VW Jetta - just as safe as a Pontiac
Fat Man Walking arrives in NYC
Sir, your penis is out
May 11 - Thursday
50 Dogs in Cars
Air Purifiers Make Smog
Man admits foot-fetish assaults on subway
May 12 - Friday
Personal luxury subs
May 13 - Saturday
WXII Traffic Rap
May 15 - Monday
Worst-tasting drink ever
Beatle Photo Blog
The One Who Fell for the Nigerian Email Scam
Go Guy Goma!
May 16 - Tuesday
Bear v. Monkey & Cougar v. Cat
A cougar in every backyard
Arizona Residents Not Crazy About The Pink Taco
Girl, 11, will be Britain's youngest mother
May 17 - Wednesday
Bears are joining forces
Classroom Smoking Policies, Art History 542, Oberlin, 1970
May 18 - Thursday
Four Day Work Week
the commonly accepted path of robot evolution
Cork'd - Flickr, for wine freaks
May 19 - Friday
Code Monkey like you
Bicycle Face Revisited
bear eats monkey
Hump Yourself!
Your heart will warm: It's Carrboro!
May 20 - Saturday
Arrested For Asking For Directions
CO2: We Call it Life
May 22 - Monday
Apple Store - Fifth Ave
Pirate your LPs
you the money shot now, dog
The Naked Guy: Dead
Parking space squatting
Monster in a Wheelchair, now in t-shirt form!
May 23 - Tuesday
Fat or Skinny Asparagus?
NPR : Church Leader Says He Was Lured Into Abramoff Web
It's the Ghostface Killah
May 24 - Wednesday
1000 bars - 1 year
30th anniversary of the Judgement of Paris
If You Really Want to Hear About It : Writers on J.D. Salinger
May 25 - Thursday
Make your own mosquito trap
Make More Mr. Rogers Please!
10 Steps To Guarantee Failure
May 26 - Friday
Britney Spears: poet
RIP: Desmond Dekker
May 28 - Sunday
Robots discover steam
May 29 - Monday
NYT Books: The Food Issue
Pirate Pizza: Arrrrrrrr!
Tribute to America, revisited
10 Things I Hate About Commandments
May 30 - Tuesday
Star Wars Cantina - Drunk Driving PSA
Old School Photobooth
Hot Batwoman on Catwoman action!
Amir Tofangsazan sold me a broken laptop
May 31 - Wednesday
No amnety!
The Library Perverts will have sex with your children!!
Frappuccino vs. Big Mac
NYC. Coyote. Ducks.