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May 2007
May 1 - Tuesday
Celebrating six years of glorious Segway living!
Proof of God vs. Winning the Lottery
Wednesday Night: Business Time
May 2 - Wednesday
Collection: Coachella 2007
AACS Cease & Desist
May 3 - Thursday
The Truth About the Audi 5000
Sweet-Ass Ice Sculptures
May 4 - Friday
Monkeys: Please drink responsibly
Sneezing Panda
Map the middle east
May 5 - Saturday
Cinco de Mayo History
Magic Kingdom Knock-Off
Lost pants cause mental suffering, inconvenience, discomfort
May 6 - Sunday
Japanese TV + Cute Chimp
BFF: Pankun and James
NYT Crossword by Bill Clinton
May 7 - Monday
Gift Ideas for Mother's Day
Find the best place to stay at
The North Korean Mass Games
May 8 - Tuesday
He's Jesus Christ Reincarnated
Flickr's New Slideshow: A-mazing
happyrobot to sue starbucks
He's a shark
Hot Dachschund Puppy Action
May 9 - Wednesday
AT&T Time: one minute = eight minutes
White Chicks + Gang Signs
I heart you Weng Weng
Nextbook: Land of the Lost
May 10 - Thursday
In-Depth Analysis - L337 Katz0rz
The Incredible Edible Belgian Chocolate Anus
Best Headline Ever: Skywalkers in Korea cross Han solo
Happy Birthday Helvetica!
Catches with face
May 11 - Friday
These people are on happyrobot right now
Channel Change 5000
May 12 - Saturday
The Blogerati Files: Pony
May 13 - Sunday
That is some sexy cramp you got on there
May 14 - Monday
Greensburg, Kansas: Before & After
Mark Morford: Talkin' To The Steering Wheel
Scientology and Me
Leonard Nimoy...
May 15 - Tuesday
Gravity Wave
Teachers stage fake gunman attack on sixth-graders
Gwynn & Dave are getting married!
Map + Flickr = flickrvision
Jerry Falwell dead at age 73
Catches With Face (the real scoop)
May 16 - Wednesday
Sandy Paws Bed & Biscuit Inn
Online Shopping - circa 1999
Amazon to launch DRM-free MP3 music store
I'm gluing captions to your cats
ABC developing 'Cavemen'
May 17 - Thursday
Briefcase + Boombox
Hillary needs your help!
May 18 - Friday
Operating Thetans can move objects with their minds
i think we're dead
Animated Calvin and Hobbes
May 19 - Saturday
Bike Vs. Subway Vs. Car Commuter Race
May 20 - Sunday
The Elderly + Telemarketers = Goldmine
Landis is a turd
May 21 - Monday
Mr. T Fashion Show
(LOL)Cat Power
Tea 'healthier' than water
Pirates halt Somali aid shipments
May 22 - Tuesday
History of Britain
Sex in Space
Don't poop on his sidewalk
The Strangest Disaster of the 20th Century.
Knocking: Documentary on Jehovah's Witnesses
May 23 - Wednesday
A photo of himself every day for 6 years
Monkey got that plague
Bombing for Falwell
And the best tourists in the world are...
EMO! The teen phenomenon sweeping the nation!
Orangutan Escapes Zoo. Chases Tourists .
May 24 - Thursday
Worst. Moms. Ever.
LOL Presidents: also looking for buckets
Korea is crazy for suicide
Kenneth Eng: He hates everyone
For the Love of a Good Burger
May 25 - Friday
Lions vs. Crocs vs. Water Buffalo
Secrets of the MacDowell Colony #1
Mom Caught Him in the Act
2nd grader brings gun for show & tell
Your 4:20 Visualizer
May 26 - Saturday
Coke buys Vitaminwater
Happy 30th: Smokey & the Bandit
Liz and the babies: Hello Hunter and Aden
May 27 - Sunday
Creation Wins!!!
Star Wars 30th anniversary
May 28 - Monday
NYC BYOB/Corkage Wiki
Taking the baby out - Segway style
Eating on $28/week in NYC
The Red Hook Food Tent scene
May 29 - Tuesday
What is our national costume?
Mount Everest: Trashy
May 30 - Wednesday
Islamism Comes to Paradise
Sneak Peek of the Creation Museum
May 31 - Thursday
Old School Advertising
The Land of Turkmenbashi