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May 2008
May 1 - Thursday
Arcade Fire and Superchunk
iGoogle is all arty
Lesbos islanders dispute gay name
The Gatekeepers: Monkeys & Restaurants
All religions are fairy tales
May 2 - Friday
Happy Birthday: Ricky, the special-needs monkey
Five Cats That Look Like Wilford Brimley
Throughout high school, I was consistently voted "Barackiest."
Dropping Babies
May 3 - Saturday
Free the LA taco!
Aldo knows his turf
May 4 - Sunday
I actually drank "wine" Wine Coolers
May 5 - Monday
Happy International Midwives Day
The Pressure Boys
Hot Seal on Penguin Action!
1968 Eurovision Song Contest Scandal
A swarm of tiny robot vacuums!
May 6 - Tuesday
Aging gracefully
What's for breakfast?
ooooo panther!
Are cyclones the same as a hurricane?
Election Guide 2008
May 7 - Wednesday
Hillary and Fakegungate
Skating on the street
Hot Fashion Ideas from Van Halen Concert
Bruni finally reviews Momofuku Ko
May 8 - Thursday
Maeby is NYC!
Where's your messiah now?
Mutant black squirrels invade Britain
Microsoft Eyes Brooklyn for First Ever Retail Shop
China FAQ
Best Picture EVER
Burma: Before/After
Wilmington to test digital TV
May 9 - Friday
Global warming advantage? Great tits.
None of these are the new iPhone
Google Plastic Bag View
May 10 - Saturday
Marrying at Rikers
Robert Parker Rates Buddy
May 11 - Sunday
Happy Mother's Day to me!
May 12 - Monday
Abdel-Qader Ali: Douche Bag Parent of the Week
The chunky monkeys
Google Docs: Offline
Rule Thirty Four
Things Younger Than John McCain
May 13 - Tuesday
Country profile: Burma
Myanmar: Lonely Planet
Ralph Rules
Vito Fossella: Shun Gay + Cheat on wife = Family Values
A Clip of Olbermann Showing a Clip of O'Reilly
May 14 - Wednesday
Historical Times: Blockbuster
Puppies. Kitties.
She's Not Pining, She's Passed On
May 15 - Thursday
Sightseeing in Liberty City
Real World: Brooklyn
Crazy raspberry ants
I Hate Chris Matthews, But This is Awesome
May 16 - Friday
You got lizards in your eggs
Stuff I like about Jews
How much man would a wood chipper chop?
May 17 - Saturday
Fat Roadies have to eat
May 18 - Sunday
Shrine of the Mall Ninja
The Office: Japan
May 19 - Monday
What to wear today?
Monday Morning? Porta Potty Toilet Prank
Today's heroes rescued grevlingbarn from storbrannen
LOCat: An Invisible Bike Mural
May 20 - Tuesday
No one likes immigrants
Mr. Goat, there is a monkey on your back
For married couples only
The cult of Scientology is not a 'cult'
Your morning commute
Obama and the Jews
Gary Kasparov and the Flying Penis
May 21 - Wednesday
Dylan McKay + Quotes + Horoscope
Restaurant Florent Takes Its Final Bows
Facebook Gangsta
May 22 - Thursday
Cougars Moving Eastward
Get your site banned in China!
I discovered YouTube
Harrison Ford Loses an Acre
For the Lady in Your Life
May 23 - Friday
Gang Kills Suspected Witches
Williamsburg is fat
Weekly world news quiz!
May 24 - Saturday
Times Machine
May 25 - Sunday
Emily Gould - Exposed
May 26 - Monday
Citizen Camera
The Phoenix is on mars!
How was India? Scrappy.
Phoenix Lander Arrives at Mars
May 27 - Tuesday
The Tower Bridge has a twitter account
The Symbols on My Flag (And What They Mean)
Photos of TV
May 28 - Wednesday
He Took a Polaroid Every Day...
A Few Too Many
How to make cold-brewed iced coffee
May 29 - Thursday
NYT finally reviews Artichoke
Sharon Stone wants you to be nice
Ebert: Sex and the City
Champagne + Polo + Governors Island
Hot Chicks with Douchebags - In real life
Monkeys Control Robot Arm with Their Thoughts
Harvey Korman: R.I.P.
May 30 - Friday
Cyclist Wins Race Against Car and MTA Again
New Android demos
That new Sigur Ros video
War on Cranes
May 31 - Saturday
Shake Shack + Truck + Brooklyn = teh awesomes