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May 2009
May 1 - Friday
Behind the Scenes with Obama
Lasers. Monkeys.
Are pit bulls really all that dangerous?
Flying car reaches sky in Holland
World's shortest sea trial
The Hipster Grifter Speaks!
Right-Wing Gun Nuts Share Their Paranoid Worldview
Pick the Perp
May 2 - Saturday
Comparing GWB and Obama's First 100 Days
Swine Flu Mask
May 3 - Sunday
Bueller Fight Club
May 4 - Monday
Peering into North Korea
Cuban Gynecologist & American Auto Salesman
Get out of my dreams and into my monkey golf cart
May 5 - Tuesday
Sears Tower to open glass bottom box at 1300 feet
Joe the Plumber: Keep them gays away from my childrens
Horizonless Manhattan
Dom DeLuise dies at 75
Cinco de Mayo History
May 6 - Wednesday
Mint Julep Cupcakes
Asparagus - Breaking Point
Kings County Culinary
Did the Mormons baptize Obama's mother?
Julie Andrews Sings Again
May 7 - Thursday
Shirtless Biden Washes Trans Am In White House Driveway
NOM's misleading ad against gay marriage
First Impressions of the New Kindle DX
Bigfoot Caught on Tape!
Reserve your bike
May 8 - Friday
Eggy Bread
Simple Pleasures
Carl Cassell Win
Dan Rather: Daily Show Correspondent
Danzig Talks about his Book Collection
Awkward family photos!
May 9 - Saturday
'Amazing Race' Turns Into 'Cops'
From Prep School and Privilege to Murder Suspect at Wesleyan
May 10 - Sunday
The President at the House Correspondents Dinner
Purple Rain premiere
May 11 - Monday
Passive Agressive Notes: Post Mom's Day
Dom DeLuise + Eggs + Carson
Three Brooklyn Bridges: 1908
A Night Out With: The Twitter Guys
Chris has nice lips.
Eliss - for iPhone and iPod touch
Respectful Yo Mama Jokes.
May 12 - Tuesday
Man Babies!
Disney Parks Stop Scans for Topless Riders
AMC theaters are running FAKE IMAX's and charging $5 extra
May 13 - Wednesday
Chrome's Hidden Feature: Blazing Speed
Arizona State, 'The Harvard' of Date Rape
Bicycle Fetish Day (2009)
May 14 - Thursday
Uncovering the Secrets Beneath the Surface of the New York Harbor Employees Don't Have Heart To Tell CEO About Facebook
F'n Eefin
Colbert Savors Obscenely Priced Food
A.V. Club: A Fortunate Age
May 15 - Friday
Won't they mark you retarded
Peter Funch: Composites
Lexulous: On the iPhone
Stunt Bike?
More snaps from Abu Ghraib
May 16 - Saturday
Obama bows again!!!
Jack Kerouac: His Obsession With Fantasy Baseball
Norway voted Eurovision winners
May 17 - Sunday
Obama Notre Dame Speech
May 18 - Monday
Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus
Pentagon published Bible verses on top-secret intel reports.
The Gulf: Kuwait
Bathtub Salmon
May 19 - Tuesday
Bird House + Faux Security Cam
Go baby chimp George!
May 20 - Wednesday
The G train goes to Park Slope
World's Most Interesting Bridges
September 11, 1933: Never Forget
Know Your Highway Interchanges
Fail Blog Fail
How to Make Corn Tortillas
Book Review: A Fortunate Age, Joanna Smith Rakoff - B&N Review
Missing Link: Lemurs! : Entertainment : A Fortunate Age
May 21 - Thursday
Teaching Your Cat to Take Medication
Want credit card reform? You gotta sign this new gun law.
Cats are Martians underneath
Malay Eagle Owl
Frank Lloyd Wright LEGO
Tiny Art Director
May 22 - Friday
A List of Street Food Vendors Using Twitter
The 2009 Gullwing-America 300 SL Panamericana
May 25 - Monday
To Be Young And 'Fortunate' In 1990s Boomtime : NPR
Photos of soldiers looking completely badass
May 26 - Tuesday
Car industry snapshot: 1983!
MP3 Experiment Storms Roosevelt Island
Why are you doing this to me?
YouTube - Jake Wizner - Castration Celebration: I Saw My Parents...
California backs gay marriage ban
10 things you didn't know about orgasm
May 27 - Wednesday
Tweeting Too Hard
E-Mail From Your Facilities Department.
New Netpix Service Launches
I missed his birthday party.
May 28 - Thursday
What about people who have never heard of Christ?
George Willig's daring ascent of the WTC
The New Credit Card Laws
More cold-brew coffee contraptions
Library of Congress debuts iconic Great Depression photos
Want to see 5,000 years of religion in 90 seconds?
Archie Andrews picks Veronica
Hot Pants Explosion
A Fortunate Age Audio Book
May 29 - Friday
SNL's Casey Wilson Reads Internet Comments from Casey Wilson, FOD Team, and Ryan Perez
Google Wave.
What should I do today?
British Cheese Rolling
May 31 - Sunday
Phillip Lemur Hoffman
R2-D2 and C-3PO in Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark
Two Use Guard Uniforms Made at Prison to Flee
Princess Leia and stand-in