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May 2010
May 1 - Saturday
True Urban Legends | This American Life
Teachers With Accents Can No Longer Teach English
Larry Flynt: Dear Teabaggers
The Poetry Assassination of Kenneth Koch / Poetry Off the Shelf : The Poetry Foundation
May 3 - Monday
Via Stripper Pole: Five Borough Bike Tour
Biking in NYC: Stopping for Red Lights
Handsome Diagram of the Times Square Bombing Fail
Natural Home Remedies to Ease the Pain of Sunburn
Pretty Ladies: Ya'll are bad for my healths
May 4 - Tuesday
The 2010 Beard Awards
President Obama Remarks at White House Correspondents' Dinner
May Is National Hamburger Month
Regarding Arizona: The Deprofiler
Mousetrap never works
After dark, the dirty work at Disneyland begins
Viva Electron Boy!
May 5 - Wednesday
The recurring tropes of the long-lost-wallet story
NSF Senate Floor
Mapping the Gulf oil spill in Google Earth
Just keep on smilin' fatty
BBC News - BBC to beam general election results on to Big Ben
Alvin McEwen: Anti-gay organization founder travels with a 'rentboy'
YouTube - Gathering Paradise: Bill Murray Reads to Construction Workers at Poets
Pablo: Boy of Mexico
May 6 - Thursday
Siskel & Ebert on Letterman - 1994
The End: 150 Great Climactic Movie Moments
How did the woolly mammoth stay warm?
Media Ignore The Fact That Man Who Alerted Police To Failed Times Square Bombing Is A Muslim Immigrant
George Rekers Is a Homosexual
Flavorwire » A Street Artist Is Born: The Work of Swoon
May 7 - Friday
The leopard and the golden retriever who are the best of friends
Appliances Love Energy
Oil Rig. On Fire. About to Sink.
15 Questions for Bike Snob NYC
May 8 - Saturday
Joaquin Phoenix documentary: Even buyers aren't sure if it's a prank | 24 Frames | Los Angeles Times
May 9 - Sunday
A Christian Nation?
I Am Trying To Break Your Heart
Gen X Has a Midlife Crisis -
May 10 - Monday
Radio Shack answering machine messages
"Elena Kagan personal life" is a top-5 search on Google
McCain's Daughter: Why I Hate the Politics of Hate
Doo Dah Parade 2010 - Pasadena
Fake Science
Fake Science
May 11 - Tuesday
World's Oldest Donkey Drinks Guinness
Canadian beaver dam can be seen from space
Grolar Bear!
That Cougar is About to Eat You
The Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill
The Millions: A Novel for You and Me: A Fortunate Age by Joanna Smith Rakoff
5 Pop Culture Classics Created Out of Laziness |
All I want for Christmas is quotation marks
Winner of the 2010 Goldberg Prize
May 12 - Wednesday
Why I Got Kicked Out of a Restaurant on Saturday Night
Fast Food Secret Menus
The Word According to Professor George
Teen Sex Today!
Barack Obama on
Dock Ellis & The LSD No-No.
Disaster unfolds slowly in the Gulf of Mexico - The Big Picture
Arizona: No Ethnic Studies
May 13 - Thursday
13 Components That Defined a Great Website in 1998
Saipan? It's way over there.
Simulated swimming pool with room inside
Organic analterrorist sexcoffee!
Dear Air
YouTube - Penny Wars– Staring: Perry Middle Year Book Staff
May 14 - Friday
Cute Olympics
Logic vs Faith
Kill Me Quick and Tonic
Obama: Mysterious Hovercraft and Hot Body
The Winners at Bacon Camp 2010
Caught in the Act!
Decentralize the web with Diaspora – Kickstarter
May 16 - Sunday
Brule on Sushi
The Tattoo Decision Flowchart
Dearborn's Miss Michigan wins Miss USA pageant
May 17 - Monday
Top 10 ad cliches
Nimoy Sunset Pie
Cat Cam!
Stand Up Paddle Boards from Naish and Jimmy Lewis at New York Kayak Company
Glue - Neutral Milk Hotel
May 18 - Tuesday
Ralph Hall watches porn on his work computer
Dancing Sailor: 1946
'I Dropped the Ball on the Legacy'
Things That The Word 'Hipster' Could Be Replaced By
ReclaimPrivacy Bookmarklet
I got in a fight with Steve Jobs
Rep. Souder And Mistress Recorded Video Praising Abstinence
Who You Gonna Call?
May 19 - Wednesday
Betty White and Tracy Morgan's Photo Shoot
Ha-ha! You don't like caricatures of your god!
Report: Majority Of Government Doesn't Trust Citizens Either
Tourist Lanes
Mukhtar's birthday celebration!
7 Foods So Unsafe Even Farmers Won't Eat Them - Planet Green
cookingthebooksshow: For A Fortunate Age author...
Rock Cats: Serge
May 20 - Thursday
The Impossible Cool: X
Ninjas rescue student from muggers
Rand Paul needs to work on his interview skills
New Google Phone Service Whispers Targeted Ads Directly Into Users' Ears
The 4 Stages of Fear, Attacked-by-a-Mountain-Lion Edition
May 21 - Friday
Pan Am introduction to jet service
The New Briefcase
Eat Ass, FL
Jehovah Witnessed Me Naked
Explosions and Boobs
May 23 - Sunday
Rest in Peace: Doug the Mountain Lion
Lost Re-enacted by Cats in One Minute
Who Is Pastor Jeff Owens?
May 24 - Monday
50th Anniversary (Time Lapse)
Moonshine or the Kids?
BP Public Relations on Twitter
The New Yorker Review: Pizzacone
Transocean: Oil Spill Win!
May 25 - Tuesday
How spitting cobras shoot for the eyes
Amy Sedaris
Teacher Allows Students To Wear KKK Clothing
May 26 - Wednesday
NJ man admits to vomit assault at Phillies game
Hoarders Trapped Under Trash
'Sex and the City 2' - Not very good
Bearded In One's Lair
How Can I De-Troll My Internet?
May 27 - Thursday
My grandmother is on fire
Cruelty and Violence in the Koran, er, I mean Bible
Commit Adultery? You both die.
Dana Carvey is
May 28 - Friday
Dad, the Porsche... the Porsche...
The Nervous Breakdown
We're goddam Whitesnake
May 29 - Saturday
The Nervous Breakdown
The Executive Washroom of my Heart
Dr. Spaceman: a rip-off of John Hillerman?
May 30 - Sunday
One More for the Path
May 31 - Monday
Have one's cake and eat it too
IDF Footage of the Gaza Flotilla Raid
The New Dork Review of Books: NYC Fiction & GIVEAWAY: Let the Great World Spin