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June 2004
June 1 - Tuesday
Former presidents wearing sunglasses
super-heroes battle super-gorillas
June 2 - Wednesday
Hitler vs. Stalin and Nazi Girls
A weeklong journal from a comedian
Two fun things from Ish's site...
June 3 - Thursday
Those annoying disclaimers in company emails
Cop Rock!
June 4 - Friday
Spell 'Autochthonous'
Best ad for condoms ever.
Abby McLawhorn: Yorkshire Terrier
The 10 Best Internet Fads
Creed are quitters
June 5 - Saturday
New happyrobot XML feed
President Reagan Dead at 93
June 6 - Sunday
June 2004 happyrobot newsletter
June 7 - Monday
David Willems in 'Really Small Talk'
Marilyn Monroe and Ronald Reagan
Dialects of the Common Bumblebee
Nike + Gawker = Advertising
People I've Slept With
June 8 - Tuesday
WIC and about half the babies in this country
A Flock of Segers
June 9 - Wednesday
Our favorite twins
Call it a minor obsession...
June 10 - Thursday
The unobnoxiously ultra-cute Cobble Hill
Harper's Index for May 2004
Zombie Reagan in '04
RIP Ray Charles
June 11 - Friday
Rico, the very smart German dog
Of Recent Note: For Summer 2004
Ali G at Harvard
Please Take The Rocks
Aiyeeeee! Big Foot!
You don't know shit about Iraq
Lonely killer whale to be reunited with pod
Barbecue Festival in NYC
Puppy dog noses
June 14 - Monday
The R-card
Wearable Robots
A Book in You
June 15 - Tuesday
23-acre lake vanishes
Dick Cheney is a robot
Remarks by GWB at Ceremony for the Unveiling of the Clinton Portraits
June 16 - Wednesday
Yankee Pot Roast Letters
Liz got a puppy!
How to address public officials, diplomats, royalty...
June 17 - Thursday
Fire Lucas and resurrect Ed Wood from the grave
Smack That Cheney-Bot!
June 18 - Friday
Friday: "best of craigslist" day
ask dog lady
happy get married day indeed!
Box Bots
June 20 - Sunday
In a Digital Era, the Darkroom Is Fading
A mysterious hotel powered by an onyx stone
June 21 - Monday
GMail for Troops
Everything is better with chocolate!
Velvet Revolver and DRM technology
June 22 - Tuesday
The Best 100 Italian Restaurants in NYC
Comedy Central's Crossballs / MTV's Debate Show
Mary-Kate hospitalized for eating disorder
lollapalooza 2004 cancels all dates
June 23 - Wednesday
Get Married in Alabama at 14yrs old!
The Uncanny Valley Effect
Adam Felber on GWB on torture.
Cyborgs take New York
The Dude Abides. In Manhattan
June 24 - Thursday
The hot new cyber-trend called ‘blogging’
Dog Toy or Marital Aid?
What People Will Do For Concert Tix
Apple ipod posters spoofed in NYC subways
super muscle baby!
June 25 - Friday
Sleeping Around in NYC
John Kerry vs. George W. Bush - The Wine Battle
Celebrity Trash
Puppies save lives! & Cheney: "go f*ck yourself"
Doing the things a Spider can
June 28 - Monday
Why are campaign commercials so bad?
Get your news in tiny photo form
Mermaid Parade 2004 Photos
June 29 - Tuesday
Apes Get to Take Revenge
Puma loose in Ireland
Ebert Loves Spider Man
June 30 - Wednesday
Portraits of Homeless Men