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June 2005
June 1 - Wednesday
Ugly kids will believe anything
Celine Dion as Michael Jackson
June 2 - Thursday
You've Got One of Those Four-Hour Erections
Clueless people clueless re: cluelessness
Weird Events
Take the test.
June 3 - Friday
Harper's Index for May 2005
Talking Chimp Gives His First Press Conference
Dan Rather says he was victim of 'own shortcomings'
Spaceships Will Appear Over Las Vegas
June 4 - Saturday
killer calamari
June 6 - Monday
How a kitten became 'top dog'
The Cockroach FAQ
Argument Ends with Pickup in Pond
49ers Training Video
Throw the cheese down the well
A Creationist's View of the Dinosaurs and Noah's Ark
June 7 - Tuesday
See a Secret... Share a Secret
The American Taliban
Me, Myself and I
ps. i'll find my frog
Gandalf Fights Pirates!
GW Bush smarter than John Kerry
Should We Get These?
June 8 - Wednesday
Condom Reef
Ask him about Dom Deluise
Welcome to my home page! I Kiss you!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hamster Dance
Dave Devries's Monster Engine
Fictional Manhattan - the map
Cops hunt Catgarookey
Try this web portal
The Bobby and Whitney reality show
June 9 - Thursday
Gay or New Ronald McDonald?
Behind the Scenes at Shake Shack
Hasselhoff shocked by suicidal fan
alternative motivational posters
June 10 - Friday
Best of CraigsList Day!
Holy Felines, Batman!
June 11 - Saturday
Robot Party. Saturday.
Bug Me Not - The Firefox Extension
Darth Vader dj'ing
June 12 - Sunday
You don't talk about people's mothers and wives in Brooklyn
June 13 - Monday
R Kelly is Trapped in the Closet
Where my bitches at?
From Mother and Daddy with lots of... Darth Vader
Jesus loves America
The greatest story ever told
From Freedom Fries to Get The F*ck Out
you're gonna need
June 14 - Tuesday
Bawdy Best-Man Speeches - by the Actual Best Man
The old prostitute (with the cellulite ass)
Say my name!
Ask Mark the Shark
The theme from Beverly Hills Cop - performed by a chicken
the list of shame
The Great Debates
Raped, Kidnapped and Silenced
William Shatner
June 15 - Wednesday
Baking Soda does not absorb odors
The True Brothers
Putting Michael Jackson in perspective
'I'm afraid I can't do that, Ditka.'
no thank you, Walmart
Vader on Wheel
June 16 - Thursday
Kodak to discontinue black-and-white paper
Hollywood does it again
uh oh
Steve, Don't Drink It!
North Carolina in the House.
the coolest goth car ever
June 17 - Friday
Here comes Restaurant Week!
Squirrels today . . .
Send these troopseses only
Star Wars homework
Tom & Katie: oh jeezis
June 18 - Saturday
The Cursing Mommy Cookbook
June 19 - Sunday
Triumph takes on the Jacko fans
Simply the Best
Oh Danny Bot!
Middle East/ Terrorism experience helpful but not mandatory
June 20 - Monday
MBNA: the president's top lifetime contributor
FAQ: Federal Funding Cuts to Public Broadcasting
Bibleman is coming to NYC!
The Mercury Theatre on the Air
Six-legged puppy dumped at temple
please god someone help me win this car
June 21 - Tuesday
How does Hans know what Chewybacca is saying?
Be like a bear!
an extremist is an extremist is an
ProJo Article on the Providence Kickball League
Passing at General Nitemare
songs about Laci Peterson
June 22 - Wednesday
Lions Rescue Girl
New York's dirtiest subways
Union Square flooded in Snapple
The Onion 2056
Man Charged With Joyriding Plane Drunk
baby's named a bad, bad thing
June 23 - Thursday
Can't get enough Tom Cruise?
Government Power to Take Property Backed by Top Court
June 24 - Friday
God and Country: Patrick Henry College
Trippin' balls!
Eastminster and Mermaids
More Tom Cruise fun
Hello freaky kitty
Surprising Expiration Dates
June 25 - Saturday
Place your hand on the Quran
Brutally Honest Personals
and how do I join this squad?
June 26 - Sunday
Justice Department: Topless!
Sure Signs Your Family Worships the Wrong God
A Vacation in the Food Chain
June 27 - Monday
bacon smelly alarm clock
Boo boo the monkey attacks
No Love For Jared
Ok, so you probably weren't going to see it anyway...
June 28 - Tuesday
Porn made with Blow Up Dolls
Creepy "List of Jews"
Build an R2D2
Q-Dogg in tha hizzo
Yo La Tengo Breakout
So long old friend.
Do YOU Come With The Apartment?
June 29 - Wednesday
Missionary man: Scientology & Tom
My teeth have spinning diamonds on them
The King Kong trailer
Shelby Foote RIP
Same-sex marriage law passes 158-133
World Processor
Don't It Make My Brown Eye White..
You Didn't Hear It From Me
June 30 - Thursday
Google Earth Released (sorta)
The short camera-filled life of Flash Mobs
Eugene Mirman | Brooklyn restaurant reviews
Pirates hijack tsunami aid ship
Hip Hop Hitler
Lookin' to be Darth for Halloween?