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June 2008
June 2 - Monday
Argentine man drives '81 Falcon Ford headquarters
I want a falcon
Man discovers woman living in his closet
Oh, Dwight
Who Are You in Sex and the City?
June 3 - Tuesday
You Think Your Baby Can Dance?
Aliens on tape!
June 4 - Wednesday
w/ cheeseburgers
George Pleases 15 Women For An Entire
Preparation H Finds Place in Club Circuit
Brooklyn Bridge jumper survives without scratch
June 5 - Thursday
The Ten
Man Scales Times Building
June 6 - Friday
Video: Fail
Barack + Hillary + John
Chimp Takes Over News Desk
Dude Remixes Radiohead's "Nude" Using Old-ass Computer Shit
June 7 - Saturday
El camino del Rey - Brightcove
Pioneer Days
June 9 - Monday
Sunday night in Brooklyn
Manhole Fire
Worldwide Developer Conference 2008 Keynote
June 10 - Tuesday
Hot Dog Stand
Joy Division Edition of Microsoft Zune
I just wanted to be the first to say...
June 11 - Wednesday
Mobile Me v. Windows Me
The 100 year old photo blog
Scientists find monkeys who know how to fish
The World's 5 Worst Ways To Get Drunk
June 12 - Thursday
The IKEA Fancy Dress Dinner Party
NYC got the herpes
7-year-old with swastika
It's the special rack-of-lamb veal chop
Picking on people larger than you on the subway
Mystery on Fifth Avenue
Where in the World is Dick Cheney?
June 13 - Friday
I miss crack, too
Brooklyn Bridge Pop-Up Park
I got a bug in my mouth
Your eminence, you're looking good
June 14 - Saturday
You don't have a doorman in a brownstone
A Remarkable Photo From Tornado Country
June 15 - Sunday
Croutons From My Father
June 16 - Monday
Robot = Lover
David Pogue reviews The Chumby
Wish You Were Here?
Vampire Weekend + rain
Dick Cavett Blog
June 17 - Tuesday
Obey The Dachshund!
Helping Hands Monkey College
Chinese T-Shirt
I Can Has Cougar
June 18 - Wednesday
Red Hook Blacks Line Up to Rob First 100 IKEA Customers.
Firefox 3 is out! Go get it!
Phone Sex - The Book
PicLens - OMIGOD
June 19 - Thursday
Many of the same things
Microsoft sends Firefox team a cake
Guide to the Shadowy Organizations That Rule the World
June 20 - Friday
Will Return Clock
Never Let Their Toys Die
Rosecrans Baldwin is in France
14 Songs You Should Never Play In A Bar
Friday Afternoon: Weird Accidents!
June 21 - Saturday
If you don't like Joya: You are racist
June 22 - Sunday
Cat on a Leash
June 23 - Monday
George Carlin dead at 71
Portraits of drivers
How to solve a Rubiks Cube
The Underground Moscow
Denon's $500 scam cable
June 24 - Tuesday
An Uneasy Eden
John McCunt
Big Ass Art
Wordle vs. John Ball
TV Reporter Screw-Ups: The Grand Trilogy
June 25 - Wednesday
Animal Tales
2008 Ugly Dog Contest
Things That Do Not Count As Pants
Chimps On The Phone
Bill Gates Goes Off on Microsoft
June 26 - Thursday
Poop Sign
Chinese struggle to orgasm,
8 Forgotten Kids' Shows Sure to Give You Nightmares
Lisa interviewed by blog her
A wall-painted animation
20 Internet Acronyms All Parents Should Know
June 27 - Friday
A Travel Guide to Man-made Disasters
Eddie Murphy's giant head
The Top 20 Reasons Not to Move to Dubai
New York City Winery
Idan and Sam: inconsiderate, selfish dicks
Mr. Right doesn't understand the internets
June 29 - Sunday
R.I.P. - Wilber Hardee
June 30 - Monday
Dats rite kittehs I has da cheezburgers!
Parenting: Not That Hard
Fries come with that Jowlers?
Are We Giving The Robots That Run Our Society Too Much Power?
The most unfortunate URL in the history of the internet
The Perils of Auto-Replace