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July 2005
July 1 - Friday
Happy Canada Day
Albino Cobras
Gangsta Gadgets
War of Those Worlds
O'Connor to Retire From Supreme Court
Brooke Shields Responds
His Face Is Worse Than His Bite
New Yorkers: Go to this concert.
A Million Ways to be Cruel
July 3 - Sunday
Howard Beach + Fat Nick + Sharpton
Comet Smashing Fun!
July 4 - Monday
NYC 4th of July Fireworks Details
God Bless America. Amen.
WFMU: Culture Shock MP3s
hee hee - george bush in a skirt!
July 5 - Tuesday
Being Bobby Brown: Hell to the no!
The death of media by 2014
Word to your quarter pounder
Happy Birthday America!
July 6 - Wednesday
Welcome to Edinburgh! Don't make me angry.
Who am I? Why am I here?
Dance Like No One Is Watching
Me Time
Bush Falls Off Bike in Scotland
July 7 - Thursday
Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others
Eyewitnesses tell of travel hell
Sufjan Stevens LP Delayed Due to Cover Art
It's a Fest! A Don Knotts Fest!
F*ck Natalee Holloway
Minuscle poodle
July 8 - Friday
Moon over Amtrak
Weird looking baby kitties
July 9 - Saturday
450 Sheep Jump to Their Deaths
London Bombings: A closer view
July 10 - Sunday
Daughters are Angels With Attitude
He's A Poet and You Better Know It
July 11 - Monday
Fox News on the London Attacks
Best of Craigslist Day!
Future Winners of the New Yorker Cartoon Caption Contest
Andy Milonakis Is Old, Everybody Is Old
The modern-day equivalent of Pulp Paperback art
Bride Cancels Wedding-
July 12 - Tuesday
seriously considering going vegan
Fantastic Elephant Slide
The Wiener Nationals
Whip it good.
'Human-brained' monkeys
Unfortunate Gallery of Star Wars costumes
Hirstute Hugs
Metro logos from around the world
your cousin is pretty
Tom Cruise's blog
July 13 - Wednesday
Fabulous wasted party-going retards
Wedding Invitation Warning Signs
Sarah Vowell On Bush
Best of craigslist day (again!)
July 14 - Thursday
Too many white people
Robot camel jockeys
Gorilla Versus Chimp
Somebody Hates Ronda
Forgotten pictures of popular people
Maybe Now I'll Get A Response to my Casual Encounters Post
July 15 - Friday
Google Maps NYC Subway Hack
ArtBots: The Robot Talent Show
Do the Atrophy Bop!
Talk about a sausage fest
defective yeti: Roving Reporter
Dancing Napoleon figurine
Worst Films Ever Made
July 16 - Saturday
Remember Punchy?
July 18 - Monday
Zombies are cool, and by cool I mean totally sweet.
File under NSFW/WTF
The Logic of Suicide Terrorism
Basque Wine + Tour de France Fever
Beanie Babies Must Die
Randy tourists with cameras!
Bad Album Covers
July 19 - Tuesday
The best thing since Google Earth
Happy Captive Nations Week!
The true power of this subwoofer
My good shirt
Costco kicks Wal-Mart's Ass
July 20 - Wednesday
A Stern Warning
Slinging the Dogs: An Interview With Blaine Elliott
National Hot Dog Day Planning Guide
Teenage Fanclub + The Rosebuds!
James Doohan, dead.
WSJ: Apple to sell music videos; iPod video in September?
July 21 - Thursday
Google Moon
Nice Job, Border Guards
Tomorrow is Don't Bring Anything Illegal to Work Day
Cheeseball Awards
July 22 - Friday
Dogs riding on buses
Missing: Vernon Riviera
It's Going to Be a Hot One
Meat Rugs!
Napoleon Get Some Action
Live in Harry Potter's World
Proper Care for Your Poet
July 24 - Sunday
My Dog is Tom Cruise
Planet of the Retired Apes
July 25 - Monday
Why Chicago-Style Pizza Blows
Dubya Ringtones: Answer This!
Fox buys
Big Lebowski Quote Generator
Want to change in front of others?
July 26 - Tuesday
Why cats are cranky
Happy Five Years to Craigslist NY
Attack of the Hasselhoffs
July 27 - Wednesday
DRM woes from Sony
Celebrity Haiku: Johnny Depp
Down She Goes!
Ladies, pay attention!
DJ Lizard is come to kill us now
Full fledged blog depression
July 28 - Thursday
Fabulous wasted party-going retards - Part IV
I Kissed You... like five years ago
Why cyclists wear black pants
S*H*U*M*A*I Summer Tour
Russia's Biggest Spammer Brutally Murdered in Apartment
July 29 - Friday
The City's Worst Landlords
Travelling Beans
Baby on board!
July 30 - Saturday
shaving Winston
the real reason french women don't get fat
The Leonardo DiCaprio poetry
July 31 - Sunday
Clean and set this wig.