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July 2006
July 2 - Sunday
Smart Car headed to America (again)
July 4 - Tuesday
Tranny Gangs terrorize high-end boutiques
happyrobot Flickr Group
Fireworks factory - on fire
July 5 - Wednesday
Enron founder Ken Lay dies
New York City's Worst Landlords
July 6 - Thursday
Please get in David Hasselhoff's car.
Weird Polish Movie Posters
GWB celebrates 60th Birthday
July 7 - Friday
The Japan Wife Lovers Association
Tour de France meet Google Earth
Beautiful Loser
God Hates Massage Parlors- Sets Sights on Greensboro
Ask a Ninja, If You Dare
July 9 - Sunday
80's videos to cure your 80's needs!
World Cup Head Butting
July 10 - Monday
The Love Robots
Godzilla's Enemies: Ranked
Carjacking Running Away: Cowardly or Canny?
pickle mania
July 11 - Tuesday
France vs. Italy - Wine & Food
I am giving away my fortune!
Happy Ten Years to the Onion
I know where Syd Barrett lives
I control men's minds with my vagina
July 12 - Wednesday
Four Footed Chinese Duck
A really inconvenient truth - Bad wine
Snazzy Browser Based IM
Zizou See That?!
Pro-Life Blogger thinks Onion article is real
Trippin' balls is good for you
The worst thing you'll hear/see today.
Abby Walton
July 13 - Thursday
Jesus reveals cure for cancer to eBayer
Animal Reviews
More Abby Walton
July 14 - Friday
Look at all them ponies
Praising Yahweh Through Dance and Decorated Office Furniture
Yes, I'm pregnant
A Different March
Peter Sellers & Teri Garr
Best Watermelon Ever....
July 15 - Saturday
Nude sunbathing and Cheekies - The Lawsuit
Today is Exquisitely Snarky NYT Concert Review Day
July 16 - Sunday
Cork Screwed?
Peeping Cougars
Mrs. Garrett Would Be Very Dissapointed in Blair
July 17 - Monday
Bastille Day in Brooklyn
Monkey meat and its hazards
July 18 - Tuesday
Ham in your CD player?
BTW, it's hot in NYC
Ice Cream Soup anyone?
history of scientology: the animated gif
On the Face - A window into the conflict
Interview Puke
July 19 - Wednesday
American Idol: World Court
Wal-Mart Tries to Be MySpace
Beck hearts Scientology
Vader Sessions
Americans not so smart when it comes to the Middle East
Bring out yer dead
July 20 - Thursday
Show Us Your Monkey!
Giant Atari Joystick
July 21 - Friday
Bush Overheard at G8 Summit
Star Wars characters infiltrate Paris
The mideast crisis = the rapture is nigh!
Gardening Glove Stealing Feline
The War Tapes - Trailer
July 24 - Monday
Emily and Steven are so viral
Required Reading Week: Lebanon
Magic Cone
My sis on CTV
Nextbook: A Diary in Five Parts
The Diary of Shuruku - Junior Salesman, Ninja
July 25 - Tuesday
Required Reading Week: Syria
middleEast buddy list
July 26 - Wednesday
Carrot Hopscotch
Required Reading Week: Hezbollah
What celebrity do you look like?
Zombies Arrested in Minneapolis
Secrets of the Singing Sand Dunes
July 27 - Thursday
All About Tacos
Required Reading Week: Israel
You Tube Confirm Email
Flex Your Textiles
Asking for permission to marry
Happy 750th America!
July 28 - Friday
Required Reading Week: Iran
Putting Israel in Perspective
wikipedia knows it all
July 29 - Saturday
The Evolution of the Bikini
Ask Dr. Vinny - Wine Q&A
Swimming Iguana
July 30 - Sunday
Solar death ray (for hot dogs)
July 31 - Monday
The Beautiful NYC Subway
What's the matter with Kansas?