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July 2007
July 1 - Sunday
Happy Canada Day
Panda Prison Break!
July 2 - Monday
Lucy (a dog) in the sky. Diamonds.
Face + Pocket
Edwards & Coulter Transcript
pink prank
Bush spares Scooter from prison
July 3 - Tuesday
Fireworks Map for NYC
Al Gore has a nice set-up
The game where you have to make cats sit
Rolling Stone : Inside Scientology
July 4 - Wednesday
That's Not My Pirate! Or Monkey
BBC's Alan Johnston is released
The Declaration of Independence
Benny Hill sax player dies at 80
Joey Chestnut Wins Nathan's July 4th Hot Dog Eating Contest
July 5 - Thursday
Whales & Dolphins = Oceanic BFFs
Q: Has we not buckets?
Turkmenistan - a photoset
July 6 - Friday
iPhone + Craigslist = Pie Chart
You: on the Simpsons
I hate the Rembrandts
that's a lotta freakin' paint
July 7 - Saturday
Obit: Count Gottfried von Bismarck
Falcons keeping Wimbledon pigeon free
July 8 - Sunday
Boo-hoo for us
Stealing Diapers and Small-Dogs
July 9 - Monday
Pesky Squid
How to conduct a strip search
Old School Night in Brooklyn
Antrim Reads Barthelme
July 10 - Tuesday
All the Hardy Boys Mysteries
Look at my chumby
July 11 - Wednesday
iPhone - Will it Blend?
Pirates still (kinda) plunderous
iPhone: Stress testing
McCarren Park Pool, in the 80s
Robots with boobs sort packages!!!
July 12 - Thursday
OK Computer=Ten Years Old
My cat has volume
Car Dealers still shady - surprise!
July 13 - Friday
Personal Computers=Awesome, and only $4,000
Montero's on Atlantic Avenue - Offical Royal Navy Bar
Monkey on dog
Dinner at El Bulli
Street icon 'Mr. Butch' dies at 56
July 16 - Monday
Stars Wars: Where Are They Now?
New favorite group on FLICKR
suds up your keyboard!
July 17 - Tuesday
In ur iPhonez
Big-Eyed Guy: The New Internet Hero
The American Taleban interupts the US Senate
TONIGHT - Dazed and Confused in McCarren Park
July 18 - Wednesday
The long, sad decline of Robin Williams
Windows: Ugly Timeline
July 19 - Thursday
7/18 - Never Forget
101 Simple Meals for Summer
Questions I am asked most about martial arts
Latest Bin Laden Tape Is 5-Years-Old
Superbad trailer - The R-Rated version
I am looking down her shirt
Settling Down in Shanghai
Don't Be Creepy - Tips
July 20 - Friday
Man claps loudly
You stole Superbad from me!
Zoomy Harlem Photo
Kittens like corn? On the cob?
July 21 - Saturday
What they said about Simon
July 22 - Sunday
Al Qaeda: How Little Has Changed
Thriller - Philippino Inmate Style
Tunguska Blast Source Discovered?
July 23 - Monday
terrorists are dumb
The Japanese like poo
Stupid Fatwa Tricks
Cheap Eats: Korean Fried Chicken in NYC
war graffiti
July 24 - Tuesday
10 things i hate about star trek
Bill takes photos: war graffiti
Sweet Router
Kim Jong-Il's favourite magician seriously injured
Tiny Ducks + Kittens = Cute Overload Overload
July 25 - Wednesday
Improv Everywhere: Redheads protest Wendy's racist logo!
America: She's so fat
iPhone not the blockbuster they expected?
Kanye West - Can't Tell Me Nothing
July 26 - Thursday
Don't snuggle up with Oscar the cat
Fourth in Line for Norway's Throne Talks to Angels.
iPhones sold, could not activate
July 27 - Friday
Billy Bob!
Why does Germany hate Scientologists?
Video Hangover: ABC - Poison Arrow
Death Bed
July 28 - Saturday
Comic Con
July 29 - Sunday
Happy 100th Mr. Roads Must Roll!
Worst. Suicide. Bomber. Ever.
Finally. A Cheesburger.
July 30 - Monday
Pull your pants up
TV Dinner
Oscar the cat - Old School LOL Cat style
July 31 - Tuesday
Stop the offending
Aquafina Admits It's Tap Water (and made from people)
Beverage Pairings From My Kitchen
News Corp. Appears to Have Enough Votes to Clinch Deal