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July 2008
July 1 - Tuesday
Tom Mabe: If gay is your way
The Image Fulgurator
Closing Time at Florent
DEVO to sue McDonalds
Happy Tunguska Blast Day!
DEVO @ McCarren Pool
July 2 - Wednesday
Is Sex With a Robot Hooker Cheating?
Lion Love
The Top 10 Foods Only America Could Have Invented
R&L: Sad
July 3 - Thursday
The Boys and the Subway
Firefox download record official
The 10 Best Foods You Aren't Eating
My Airline
July 4 - Friday
10 Surprising Facts About the Fourth of July
America - F**K YEAH!
Big Flags!
Dead on the 4th of July: Jesse Helms
July 5 - Saturday
Pickup Lines to Use While Moving.
FCC to Weigh Requiring Disclosures for Product Placement
July 6 - Sunday
Jonathan Routh obituary
How was your weekend?
July 7 - Monday
That book has something special in it
The American Cornhole Association
Corn Mazes across America!
Jesse Helms @ Wikipedia
Frosty Insides: Fridge Blog
Origin of Some Muppets
July 8 - Tuesday
US Sex Laws
Pet Monkey
Human Mirror
Wall-E for President
July 9 - Wednesday
J.J. Redick's Blog
Monkey Bath Time
Helping Hands: Monkey College
California on fire
Hot Chicks, Cold Beer, Hardcore Fights + Gay Rubbing
Jesse Jackson. Cutting Nuts.
July 10 - Thursday
For iPhone, the *New* Is Relative
Apple's iPhone App Store goes live
Tour de France via StreetView
The only reason you need to vote against John McCain
July 11 - Friday
Rich, if you want to get angry, read this article
Voices That Care
Viva High Line
You are talking in Comic Sans!
NYC Places 2nd in Tap Water Taste Test
July 14 - Monday
Sci-fi Fans
July 15 - Tuesday
Is Geese Poop Hazardous?
Crabs: Just Flip 'em. Flip 'em Good.
July 16 - Wednesday
July 17 - Thursday
Hero dolphin rescues stranded whales
July 20 - Sunday
Seizing the Day in Tel Aviv
July 21 - Monday
Dr. Horrible
Meter Fail
Life ends at contraception?
R2D2 Projector
Chocolate Cake In 5 Minutes!
July 22 - Tuesday
New York's Best Cheap Eats of 2008
14 Passive-Aggressive Appetizers
Newspapers Shouldn't Allow Comments
Miss Brooklyn is this year's Miss New York.
SC State Senator Kevin Bryant is a douchebag
Stay classy, Florida (also!)
Long Awkward Pose
July 23 - Wednesday
The best places to buy the worst gadgets
July 24 - Thursday
That's no melon...
Please build this so I can buy this
I is on teh Gothamist
1994 Memories: Andrew Giuliani
Talula Does the Hula From Hawaii
July 25 - Friday
Journey: The MP3 Player
Wilco @ McCarren Park Pool - we have tickets!
Holy (Big) Cow
July 26 - Saturday
Vanity Fair Cover
Tattooed Zune Boy has change of heart
Astronaut High School
July 27 - Sunday
10 Most Unfortunate Store Names
you'd not believe the fcking day i've had
Comments on Comments
July 28 - Monday
Mob Not Angry At Monster, Just Disappointed
Beer up. Wine down.
Apple Computer in 1997 (1987)
Give the gift of stool.
Mr T hates gay people
July 29 - Tuesday
It all started when Mary needed a laxative
Floods vs. Traffic
It all started when Fido needed a laxative
Scrabulous unavailable for American and Canadian users.
South Carolina: Monkey Island
July 30 - Wednesday
When I clozes my eyez...
NASA: Happy 50th Birthday
Earthquake Woo Woo
Here's where the earthquake was
20 Great Things to Eat in Flushing
July 31 - Thursday
Hamlet (Facebook News Feed Edition)
Robot Toilet Paper Holder
Mars has monkeys
The sludge of the Gowanus Canal: Keeps the doctor away
Updated RSS Feeds
Cat is My Co-Pilot
Toddler Horror