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July 2011
July 1 - Friday
Gmail Has a New Look, Too
July 2 - Saturday
Christine has her Own rules for Capitalizing Words
July 3 - Sunday
Fake: Sean Connery letter to Steve Jobs
July 5 - Tuesday
The world's longest sea bridge
Ocean Sky
Monkey steals camera to snap himself
July 6 - Wednesday
"Diet" Soda
Que Pasa Coconut Water?
Regarding Suits: Those Buttons on the Sleeves
Fancy Sunny 16: The Manual Photography Cheat Sheet
Giant Bike!
July 7 - Thursday
Nerd! Jerk!
Cat Show Winners!
Staring at Computers
Health Care Stagnation
Artist Gets Visit From Secret Service After Secretly Photographing Apple Store Customers: Gothamist
The World Map of Useless Stereotypes -
July 8 - Friday
Cliff Bars make me gassy
Woof vs. Meow
Backflip at 17,500 MPH
July 9 - Saturday
Reason #291 Why I Never Watch TV News
Lamebook Win
The Family Leader's Marriage Vow: Anal incontinence
America is #1 in Fattness
Parkour Experts
July 10 - Sunday
Martin Burgers
You Are More Likely to Survive a Plane Crash than Click a Banner Ad
July 11 - Monday
Reporter to Cross the Nation on 2 Wheels - Again
July 12 - Tuesday
Man Card
July 13 - Wednesday
Ron Swanson Vs. Food
How much did your jeans cost?
July 14 - Thursday
Oh, you didn't actually read the bible?
July 15 - Friday
How much for wireless data?
July 16 - Saturday
Manhattan can be yours for $1000!
July 18 - Monday
This is how it begins...
July 20 - Wednesday
Fox 5 Jetpak Fail
July 22 - Friday
Arizona: For Real?
Sesame Street Sure Shot
July 24 - Sunday
Norway terrorist was subscriber to theories of 'Cultural Marxism'
What kids of the world eat at school
July 25 - Monday
TV Ruined Your Life
The Maid's Tale
July 26 - Tuesday
Hilarious iPhone App #293: Proud Republican
Research Tipping: Survey Shows Differing Attitudes by Race
Life is too short...
Before and After Shots of Joggers
Eat NYC: Tourist Spots That Are Actually Good
July 27 - Wednesday
Eat NYC: Pork and Lamb 'Burgers' at Xi'an Famous Foods
What is this TUMBLR thing?
California Desk
The Mp3 Experiment Eight: Glow Sticks!
The Dude's Bungalow is for sale
July 28 - Thursday
You know what does work in getting a girls attention?
My Search for Bob Dylan Album Cover Locations in NYC
Steve Carell's Movie Poster Contract
Retrospace Mix Tape #14: 60's Soul
The Breakup
July 29 - Friday
Floating Heads!
The Saddest Movie in the World
"Science is true"
The World's Most Expensive Hot Dog
Instant zombie
Also available in frog legs...
James Brown's Celebrity Hot Tub Party
Sabra Price is Right
Why Nerds Make Bad Boyfriends
Forty Fords