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July 2013
July 1 - Monday
Ciao Google Reader
Food! Cut in half!
Bloomberg: WTF?
July 2 - Tuesday
That's some good synchronized jumping there, fellas
First person Parkour
Let's get our Georg Christoph Lichtenberg on
Oh, Sisterfriend
North Carolina: The new battleground
Let's Drink Gin
July 3 - Wednesday
NY'ers: Still Kind of Homophobic
La Marmotte: Let's go
Wine + Bikes
"It felt like you were inside a Bruce Springsteen song"
Spoiler: Ben Affleck's Argo character was a ghost
July 4 - Thursday
GBV was old in 1994
July 5 - Friday
The earliest account we could find of a dynamite-eating goat...
1980's Staten Island
Don't waste your camera-phone film
July 6 - Saturday
Damn Purses
You can New Jack Swing on my nuts
July 8 - Monday
USA: We try to bring guns onto planes
Oh, People. Sometimes Good.
July 9 - Tuesday
My Big African Hat
The History Channel does really suck
July 10 - Wednesday
How the whole Tour de France commentary works
NC upset by NYT article on their crazy government
That Summer Feeling (on top of a bus in Chicago)
July 11 - Thursday
Go Mr. Lai!
Uber + Surge Pricing
July 12 - Friday
Safe for work
George Zimmerman: I'll Pay Fine Or Whatever
What is orange roughy?
Louis C.K. hates the C train
Pyjama-wearing donkeys
July 14 - Sunday
Every Manhattan Subway Station
July 15 - Monday
Osama Bin Laden's Final Years
July 16 - Tuesday
Carolina Dog!
Swamp Bastard
July 17 - Wednesday
Shower rock!
July 18 - Thursday
Religious fundamentalists are all the same
F*ck You Texas
July 19 - Friday
Oh, Detroit.
This Strip Club Sucks
Republicans reject proposal to ban gun sales to terrorists
Drop Everything. Fly to Mysterious Location. Yup.
July 22 - Monday
NYC was known as the "Big Horse Poop"
Getaway Donkey!
Trayvon Martin murder scene - Google Map
They Always Get Away: The 911 calls
Cat Lady Dreams
July 23 - Tuesday
Kids Need Bullying
Everybody Hates
Don't watch this if spilled wine makes you sad
Vitamin Water = Sugar Water
July 24 - Wednesday
Cuccinelli Hates Oral Sex
Young Lovers at Pitchfork Festival
Drawing Cars in Study Hall
Detroit: City's Plight Is Part Of A Conspiracy
The Story of a Popular Well Vodka
July 25 - Thursday
The Train Crash in Spain
Kinda Never Wet
What Teachers Make
July 26 - Friday
Fox News + Detroit = Awesome Combination
I'd see this
Three Images for New & Expecting Parents
July 28 - Sunday
N8 in the News!
Captain Kent Parker Wright
July 29 - Monday
I like biking. I like bubble wrap.
Fake TripAdvisor Reviews: The Best.
You stepped in poop
July 30 - Tuesday
The History of Maxwell's
Working at Sounds Pretty Tedious
July 31 - Wednesday
CitiBike is watching you!
See. I've been telling you, time travel isn't all fun and games
Bears are so itchy!