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August 2004
August 1 - Sunday
Thanks for the spam RoadRunner!
August 2 - Monday
Open Water - The true, stranger story
SUV Owner's Manual
August 3 - Tuesday
Synchronized Swimming @ Washington Square Park
Get your kid away from my monkey!
August 4 - Wednesday
George Bush and the devil horses
That's chip-tastic!
August 5 - Thursday
Buddy the Wonder Dog
Putting the 'F' back in Freedom
Alan Keyes - Senator of (enter state name here)
August 6 - Friday
I like corn
Stephen Galton will sue you
Secrets of Scientology: The E-Meter
Have red hair? Like Monkeys?
Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
credit card numbers...
Singer Rick James Dies at 56
August 9 - Monday
Noodlers are crazy.
what the olympians eat
Alan Keyes: Carpetbagger?
August 10 - Tuesday
Ancient Olympics: Naked Sports + Pagan Partying
Ike Turner on Iraq
Movies that make you go 'waaaaah'
Fact checking candidate's ads
August 11 - Wednesday
News Corp. exec endorses Kerry
Public-transportation-taking dogs rule!
two soldiers
Li'l G'nR Audition Tapes
Stray American cat found in UK
August 12 - Thursday
light my fire
Homeland security and inappropriate books
Fundamentalists don't wear long pants
My truth is that I am a gay American
August 13 - Friday
Questions about bidets?
Dance, Soterios Johnson, Dance!
Strange times two.
Bush spells it out for you: Sovereignty
Happy Northeast Blackout Anniversary Weekend!
August 15 - Sunday
Flash Mob #7 was great fun!
Oxford American is back
August 16 - Monday
Illinois Politics for Dummies
Cat Stealing Lady
iPod vs. The Cassette - Viva Dan Turek!
10 Most Ridiculous Black Metal Pics of All Time
happyrobot is diesel powered
Amy Sedaris front-runner as host on 'The Late Late Show'
August 17 - Tuesday
It's Just the 'internet' Now
Take a Republican to Lunch Week
Why Is Najaf So Holy?
New Yorkers Love George W. Bush
Real network is really stupid, really
August 18 - Wednesday
Fox Memos
Today is "Best of Craigslist" Day
Olympic Hyperlink Policy
blowing up gotti
August 19 - Thursday
Warming threatens California wine
D&D turns 30
Booby Fischer's Fiancée Is Fine With Being a Pawn
August 20 - Friday
Studio360 - All about robots!
Star Wars Wedding
Fun with hampsters
Mid-Atlantic Wrestling
August 23 - Monday
Jaws in 30 seconds, re-enacted by bunnies.
August 24 - Tuesday
cereal bar
August 25 - Wednesday
Pleasure Boat Captains for Truth
Tricks of the Trade
August 26 - Thursday
Aiyeee! Tar Pits!
Space Travel is Destroying Our Planet!!!
August 27 - Friday
And if you believe that, I've got a bridge I can sell you...
August 28 - Saturday
You stink! You're garbage!
August 30 - Monday
How did you lose her before she was lost?
Protests and holding cells
Smoking Chimps!
Headless body driven home
August 31 - Tuesday
Alligator Head Open Mouth
I don't think you can win it
The Human Pub Special
The new iMac