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August 2005
August 1 - Monday
Carburetor breast fantasy wins bad writing contest
The Aristocrats joke format
August 2 - Tuesday
Couger Mayhem and Couger Love
make your day cuter
August 3 - Wednesday
Pie Report: The Best Pie in America
Cthulu comix for free
look out for crocodile needlefish in Hawaii!
How to hack an elevator
Episode III: Backstroke of the West
August 4 - Thursday
The Universal Language of Babealiciousness
Achoo! How To Call In Sick
a 1,000 year old door
5 more years of Dr. Phil?!?!
August 5 - Friday
Photos from the Williamsburgh Savings Bank
CNN Suspends Novak
California crab is 'fussy lover'
vegan human meat alternative
"Global warming is a direct effect of the shrinking number of Pirates."
Presidential Speechalist
August 6 - Saturday
For Purple Mountains Majesty, and Alabaster Waves of Ranch
August 7 - Sunday
Anniversary of Tightrope Walk Between Twin Towers
Cuban singer Ibrahim Ferrer dies
guzzlin' beer
August 8 - Monday
Last Statements from Death Row
ABC News anchor Peter Jennings dies of cancer
Quit stealing my letters
Places & Spaces
August 9 - Tuesday
That's my Mothra!
Helping people to have a good education
August 10 - Wednesday
August Holidays
What I'd say to the Martians
The latest 40 images posted to Live Journal
The Rio Doll: fashion muse
Shoot me an email
Bacon + Robots
iPod Subway Maps
the funniest non-verbal movie review ever
August 11 - Thursday
Baby Coatimundis
Now something for the ladies (and Jason)
Wired News: Furniture Causes FedEx Fits
Teens operate on dead cat, saving kittens
The Sims perform R. Kelly's Trapped in the Closet
And more!
August 12 - Friday
The wreck of the SS American Star
Alligator Head With Baby
Gary Benchley's Last Column
North Carolina in New York
Apple loses bid on patent to Microsoft
Its Never To Early To Think About The 2008 Presidential Election
what? It's rollerdisco party in LA
Wired News: Mac Hacks Allow OS X on PCs
The Wild On Tara Drinking Game
50 worst hairstyles of all time
August 14 - Sunday
In The Beginning
August 15 - Monday
Planes flying themselves
It's Best of Craigslist Day
C64 Revisited!
You got P0vvn13d!
Reunited for one last show
Pixies -- Videos from the Newport Folk Festival
Walken 2008
Leslie and the Lys
August 16 - Tuesday
Mr. Schneider, your movie sucks
No Sleep 'Til Bedtime
Robo Kitty
When a Man Dies in a Sex Act with a Horse...
Death Stalks Poets
Jesus Coming to a Mailbox Near You!
Wedding Toast by Katie Holmes's Former Best Friend
One woman wet herself rather than give up a 4-year-old iBook
August 17 - Wednesday
Miming For the Lord
Inflatable Church
Scientists harness the power of pee
Oh my, He Man
August 18 - Thursday
What Makes People Gay?
Comcast: Winner of Customer Service Award 2005
Roger Ebert's least favorite movies
Dranks Thursday
Google to Sell Up to $4 Billion in New Stock - New York Times
August 19 - Friday
List of my best friends
10 Most Ridiculous Black Metal Pics of All Time - Part II
Old Skool Meets New Skool
Global Gropin' is here!
Jesus Is Magic!
russian zombie
What's For Dinner Mom?
August 22 - Monday
Hitchhiker's Guide (the game)
Find Your Friendly Neighborhood Sex Offender
R.I.P Moog
Castrate the ice cream man!
fucking takes anti-theft measures
August 23 - Tuesday
The good points and bad points of the ukulele
Gallery told to drop 'gay' Batman
Thou Shalt Not Kill
HotOrNot + Google Maps
Retouched model photos
Mythbusters Interview
August 24 - Wednesday
Google Map Pedometer
Look at that stupid gi-irl!
happyrobot on Flickr
August 25 - Thursday
I want you to know I dream of killing your donkey
US people getting fatter, faster
The "Bender PC"
Virtually unstoppable monkeys
Crying While Eating
More fat Americans
August 26 - Friday
Great moments in intelligent design
That was quite some wedding vows
Tough Teacher
Not Everybody Loves Raymond
His body was where?
Cats. In Sinks.
August 29 - Monday
Dude! The vase is a face! The Face is a vase!
New Orleans is Sinking
Stuff on Catz!
Japanese Boy Band Locks!
August 30 - Tuesday
Five things about John Roberts
Photo of the day
Everybody Poops
The world ended on September 29th, 2004
Please Remain Seated For a Tasty Treat
August 31 - Wednesday
Man-sized squid fights for the Japanese wrestling title
R. Kelly at the VMAs
Black people loot, white people find?
After the Flood
New Orleans: The latest casualty of Iraq
President Nero
'Empire Strikes Back' Actor Sheard Dies
craigslist: new orleans housing classifieds