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August 2006
August 1 - Tuesday
The Bible is 100% true- it says so in the Bible
NYC is hot
Please vandalize happyrobot
August 2 - Wednesday
Animated Light Pen Fun
Her grandmother is awesome
NYC is falling apart
Flickr: New York in Triple Digit Heat
August 3 - Thursday
Pesky Bison annoy townsfolk
Google Toolbar: Make your own buttons
Baby! Fix my car!
"To Me It Look Like a Leprechaun to Me"
Sam Jackson Calling
August 4 - Friday
Dear Flickr users: Enough with the notes!
Guard Dog slaughters Teddy Bears
Orgasm or Excellent Marinara?
Spank that ass!
Britney on time travel, burping, etc.
August 5 - Saturday
Saturday can be best-of-craigslist day
Hide those evil breasts!
Floyd Landis - Second test positive as well
August 6 - Sunday
Rocky... Six?!
Common People: Stop bumming Gavin Polone out!
August 7 - Monday
Exxon's Inconvenient Truth
Monkey scowls. Passengers scared.
Crew Abducted by Pirates Ransomed
Joe Francis: Reprehensible Human Being
August 8 - Tuesday
Happy Birthday Lisa - Lyrics
Get undressed - Quick!
911 dispatchers get *wacky* calls
Johnny Carson Blackface
The Bush Quiz - August
Mel Gets Mashed Again
August 9 - Wednesday
AOL Confessions: Dog Poop Sandwhich
The Robots are coming!
Cee-lo is Also Tired of these Motherf*ckin' Snakes
J-Lieb. Party of One.
Fat Man Throws Chair at Lying Scumbag
August 10 - Thursday
Get your Ultra-Rare Jamaican
Its Corpse Flower Time!
My New Favorite Page on the Internets
August 11 - Friday
Bank of England - Financial Sanctions
Opinion: Ten Creepiest Icons in Advertising History
August 12 - Saturday
Make your own rotary cell phone
I heart Hard Rock Hallelujah
August 14 - Monday
Those nonsensical wine ratings
from Maine to Amagansett
August 15 - Tuesday
Snakes Are Frequent Fliers
Learn to draw
Bugs! Know your pests!
August 16 - Wednesday
These photos make me ache #294
Um. There's a cougar in my living room
Who You Calling Macaca?
no passport? no ticket? no boarding pass? no problem!
August 17 - Thursday
NY Riesling Kicks Ass
Orangutans looking for love online
Say this tongue twister, or else...
The Macaca Hits the Fan, Can't Swim
August 18 - Friday
I want my Banh Mi
That baby is peeing *in* you
God Told Me To
August 19 - Saturday
That's No Seat Belt Around Your Waist
Neutral Milk Hilton
August 21 - Monday
The Zombie Preparedness Kit
David Brent does M$ Management Video
Speaking of Steely Dan...
August 22 - Tuesday
Snacks on a dog
9-11 - The Graphic Novel
Attention suiciders!
August 23 - Wednesday
MySpace BlackFace
Final Boarding Call for Al Kyder
Chris' Holy Grail
August 24 - Thursday
I sense a disturbance in the store
August 25 - Friday
VULVA! - the scent!
1986-1987 High School Video Yearbook
Fake your popularity
War-Torn Middle East Seeks Solace In Religion
August 26 - Saturday
Attention Star Wars Dorks!
August 27 - Sunday
These people are straight up buggin!
Help Me Gentrify This Neighborhood
August 28 - Monday
Welcome to Grade One!
Maritime Hotel gets Graffitied
The opening shots project
Natascha Kampusch's Letter
August 29 - Tuesday
Robots to open store
Flickr's Wicked GeoTagging
The jihad on english
Apes: Hippy Sex Fiends + Brutal Machiavellians
Pervs on teh internets?
Words to Know (including 'snark')
August 30 - Wednesday
Monkeys attack teen
Hot 1996 Internet!
Armor of God PJs
August 31 - Thursday
JonBenet's Ransom Note
Moscow's Subway - an odd place
The doghouse on Bergen