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August 2007
August 1 - Wednesday
monkey vs dog
Boston vs DC
Conan vs. Bears
The New Criterion–The Heraclitus of New Hampshire
August 2 - Thursday
History of undersea cables
Bridge Collapse Photos
Minister In Skirt Charged With Indecent Exposure
True & True on Parade
Still working on face-lift
Photo Synth
August 3 - Friday
Bin Laden still after Bobby Brown
Security Camera Footage of the Bridge Collapse
The NYC Subway Map Designer
F*ck you Baltimore!
That crazy family had another baby
Brooklyn submarine in Buttermilk Channel
August 4 - Saturday
This internet is something else!
NC Governor's School: Why you so stupid?
August 5 - Sunday
Kitty tease patent
August 6 - Monday
Weekend Review
Movie-car replicas
August 7 - Tuesday
Giuliani's Daughter: Obama supporter
Point Reyes? Love Oysters?
The pukelight
Windows Mobile oPhone
Lee Hazelwood Died
August 8 - Wednesday
happyrobot 2008 - version something
130 Cats in One Flat
Man Boards Plane With Monkey Under His Hat
Giant Lego Appears on Beach
Man vs. Giraffe
August 9 - Thursday
Dan Deacon on NBC
White vs. Black backgrounds
August 10 - Friday
God Tube
You're doing it wrong!
Wine Review: Bum Wines
August 11 - Saturday
The 'Blue Jean Bandits' Strike Again
werewolf v. werewolf
LeNell's to move (frowny face)
August 12 - Sunday
Make Your Own Lego Icon
DJ Breaks World Record
Merv Griffin, R.I.P.
August 13 - Monday
12 Things You Probably Don't Know About Frank Chu
MC Rove is Audi 5000
August 14 - Tuesday
Writing on the bridge with lasers
The New Yorker reviews Superbad
Sock monkey print
happyrobot 2008 - Ta da!
Threadless designs for your walls
BBC America: Top Gear
Them squirrels got infrared tails
August 15 - Wednesday
Saggy pants: Illegal (in some town)
Chocolate Rain + Radiohead
August 16 - Thursday
Air Guitar (with lasers!)
Thoughts of muffins
Will Oldham is a Ghetto Superstar
August 17 - Friday
Young Stormtroopers in love
Jenna is engaged
August 20 - Monday
More creepy ass pageant girls
August 21 - Tuesday
Ten Han Solo quotes that could have been used in a porno
The Beirut article in translation
Pastor to God, "Kill these atheists." Oddly, God has not responded.
August 22 - Wednesday
The Don Smith Family
World's Most Disturbing Children's Book
August 23 - Thursday
Reporter Attacked By Monkeys
August 24 - Friday
The war as we saw it
August 25 - Saturday
Hacked: iPhone
August 26 - Sunday
Runners Club Sets Off Terror Scare
Dogs don't like Vick either
August 27 - Monday
MP3 Experiment #4
Brett Favre busted for running a dolphin-fighting ring
The Butterscotch Stallion hospitalised after 'suicide attempt'
Gonzales Gone
15 Unfortunately Placed Ads
Shorpy Vintage Photos | The 100-Year-Old Photo Blog
August 28 - Tuesday
Total Lunar Eclipse: Now!
Senator Pleads Guilty After Arrest in Bathroom
August 29 - Wednesday
Ha-Hah: Arsonist Lights Up Burning Man Early
I had sex with Larry in the bathroom
Academy of Douchery
Picasso: Penlight Grandpa
CBGB Patriarch Dead at 75
Tucker Carlson: Homophobe
RIP Richard Jewell
August 30 - Thursday
Miss South Carolina - The Transcript
I am going to kick that monster's ass
Let's read about wine
Nikon D3 due in November
August 31 - Friday
passive-aggressive notes