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August 2008
August 1 - Friday
No Standing!
Olympic committee bans 'professional' cameras for visitors
August 2 - Saturday
It's Been Quite a Party at McCarren Park Pool
August 3 - Sunday
Hail to the Twitterer
August 4 - Monday
Robot Milk
These are few of my favorite things...
Jellyfish Lake
August 5 - Tuesday
Circuit City: Sucker City
Performance - Tryouts and Errors
Samsung Instinct vs. Apple iPhone 3G
Amazon: A Fortunate Age
Uri Geller pwned by EFF
August 6 - Wednesday
Goats Where They Shouldn't Be
Thanks for the endorsement, white-haired dude
WarGames: A Look Back
August 7 - Thursday
Hot Polar Bear on Dog Action
Italian soldiers floored by 77-year-old Japanese woman
Del Close Marathon
August 8 - Friday
Citing Poor Conditions, China Refuses To Send Delegation To Olympics
I am NOT a Montauk Monster!
Senator John Edwards admitted he had an affair
August 9 - Saturday
Bernie Mac, Dead at Age 50
How is John McCain's Affair Different than John Edwards'?
August 10 - Sunday
Georgia v. Russia
Isaac Hayes: He was a bad mother...
Local Idiot To Post Comment On Internet
August 11 - Monday
Dear Frog,
Duran Duran Posters
The Top 5 Failed Crossover Attempts by Olympic Stars
My flashlight is better than your flashlight
Barack Roll
Synchronize Outlook and Google Calendar
August 12 - Tuesday
Google Docs Offline on Your iPhone
Their Strategy? Sit and wait.
Being struck by lightning - caught on tape.
Scientists say they're closer to invisibility material
August 13 - Wednesday
Om Nom Nom Nom
LOL Bush
August 14 - Thursday
Is Brooklyn too cool to clap?
Neil Diamond on the subway
August 15 - Friday
Ebert on Star Wars: The Clone Wars
Trump to buy Ed McMahon's home
New military honour for penguin
The news of the day...
Um. Just click it.
August 16 - Saturday
Toy Robots to Have and to Hold
Christopher Walken: I warned you, Bigfoot
August 17 - Sunday
Little Gordon
These girls really like Devo
August 18 - Monday Free - Songs
Google Sidebars Fun
Ziro the Hutt: Gay?
Real World Dorks Spotted in Williamsburg
August 19 - Tuesday
Back-To-School clothing ads, 1957
The Penis Tile
The internet is going batshit crazy for Cloris Leachma
I Denounce You, Star Wars
Spaghetti Cat Is The New Rick Roll
Pandora vs.Royalty Rates
August 20 - Wednesday
Iphone upgrade woes
1973 Crazy Italian Funk Rap
Swinger States
That's No Moon...
August 21 - Thursday
The Burrito
Outed by your high school principal
New iPhone Comes Loaded with Photos of the Girl Who Made It
Lighting the Big Apple With L.E.D.s
Mac-Loving Seinfeld Endorsing Microsoft For $10 Million
Photosynth is Out of Beta
Error Message Fail
Haunted Laptop
John McCain doesn't know how many houses he owns
August 22 - Friday
Global Unwarming
Hold Tight Lighthouse
Fish packaging fail
Wine Spectator Award of Excellence Fail
In a Cyclist-Friendly City, a Black Hole for Bikes
Plan goes awry for anti-drug 'ninjas'
August 23 - Saturday
Joe Biden
Joe Biden on the Issues
Joe Biden: articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy
Prostitute Murdered
Open Range
August 24 - Sunday
Some Britons Too Unruly for Resorts in Europe
My Super Sweet 16 part 2: Exiled
August 25 - Monday
The history of I Can Has Cheezburger
Do you know that there are robots in San Jose?
Manly Bike for Sale
August 26 - Tuesday
"Clintons 4 McCain" Crazy Takes On Chris Matthews
More nude people
August 27 - Wednesday
Footprint in the sand
Beijing Olympics Stadium
robot + cup = robocup
New McCain Ad Attacks Obama Kids
The Sex Flow Chart
Old-school Football on iPhone
My Intellectual Property
10 things we didn't know
The Obama Credit Card Prank
August 28 - Thursday
The most famous trips in history
Naval boy-on-boy advertising
August 29 - Friday
Revolving Door Fail
Bacon: My greasy lover
Google announces App Store for Android
Palin's Wikipedia Entry Gets Overhaul
August 30 - Saturday
The world's worst hotel guests
Sarah Palin: Former Beauty Queen, Future VP?
Robot a Day