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August 2009
August 1 - Saturday
Skull Swap does cougars
August 2 - Sunday
Caroline Leavittville - Interview: A Fortunate Age
The First 500 Pages
The Obameter!
2009 Value Voters Summit
August 3 - Monday
Haggis is English, historian says
Kindle and the future of reading
Shatner on the Mount
He's the antichrist!
He isn't just Kenyan, he's also the Antichrist?
August 4 - Tuesday
Classic kung fu film no longer gets the silent treatment
Your Studio and You
Orly Taitz Melts Down On MSNBC, Blames MSM
Take Back the Beep!
Political Website Fail
August 5 - Wednesday
The Moon Landing was faked!
Nirvana SNL promo rehersal
Bill Clinton, Pardoned Journalists Arrive In U.S.
Kenyan Birth Certificate Generator
August 6 - Thursday
Turntable Soul
Ten Things You Need to Know to Live on the Streets
Senate Confirms Sotomayor
August 7 - Friday
Top Gear's James May Rides in a U2 Spy Plane
The Match Game 1977 School Riot
We'll Know When We Get There: Sincerely, John Hughes
In Defense of Ryan O'Neal
Man Offers 40 Goats And 20 Cows For Chelsea Clinton's Hand In Marriage
Four days in North Korea
August 8 - Saturday
Telephone Terrorist
Good Guys Meet Bad Guys; Cue Explosions
Roger Ebert: G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra
August 9 - Sunday
Giant Waterslide Jump
The Life Of A Dwarf Horse
Love that Chicken
August 10 - Monday
The Crossing - Abbey Road Studios
Re-Brand This
Does Canada's Health Care System Need Fixing?
Kenneth Gladney: Uninsured activist
The Dance of the Cougars
Hotel falls into river
August 11 - Tuesday
Ice-cream faucets
Self-Portrait With Ground Squirrel
Celebrating Tits
WFMU's iPhone App
Filthy water made drinkable
The Roots of Rage at a Town Hall Meeting
August 12 - Wednesday
Health Care Reform: Abortion
Health Care Bill Page 425
Eleven Health Reform Myths
Health Insurance Reform Reality Check
Curbside Classics: 1970 Camaro RS
August 13 - Thursday
The Health Care Debate Is Making Me Sick
France and Germany exit recession
R2 Vaccum
Wax Tom Cruise and wax Fonzie - shot out of cannon
SPACE - An interview with Laura Harris
August 14 - Friday
Video Shows Collision Over Hudson River
False "Death Panel" Rumor Has Some Familiar Roots
August 15 - Saturday
The Guide to be so Choice
Woodstock Memories, Mud And All
August 16 - Sunday
Who was that gun-toting anti-Obama protester?
Court Rules Media Can Legally Lie
August 17 - Monday
Pink Floyd reunited and moved next door to me
Tarantula hawk
Pee Wee's Playhouse is back!
Take Back the Beep Campaign: An Update
Q&A: US healthcare reform
Free Ideas for Right Wing Poster Artists
August 18 - Tuesday
Obama Joker artist unmasked
Stephen Colbert Coaxes Gay Congressman Into Funneling Beers With Him
Rare Star Wars images
Science ponders 'zombie attack'
Microsoft prices Zune HD below iPod
Top Gear - Season Begins (finally)
British healthcare doesn't suck - contrary to insurance company funded ads.
BBC NEWS | Science & Environment | Science ponders 'zombie attack'
Local Musicians Come Together To Honor Unsung Hero
Facebook | SNUZZ-FEST!
Microsoft's New Smart Phone
August 19 - Wednesday
Meet Pamela Pilger
American Apparel: Everyday Sexy
We had crazy lightning last night
Urban Outfitters: the face of individuality
Americans are awesomely smart
A Conservative's Road to Same-Sex Marriage Advocacy
Which one of you wants to yell next?
August 20 - Thursday
Eel Pie Island
Orphaned Gorillas Sent to Isolated Island
Alcoholic Rats Show Kudzu May Help Addicted Humans
We Outsourced the Killing of Jihadists
The 12 most annoying types of Facebookers
Full Frontal Peep Show For L Train Riders
August 21 - Friday
7 Classic Star Wars Characters Who Totally Dropped the Ball
The Most Epic FAILs in Star Wars Design
A Preview of the How To Take Back America Conference
Betsy McCaughey on The Daily Show
Fires Break Out in Cobble Hill
friday afternoon funs-time
August 22 - Saturday
A few things from the bike shop.
August 23 - Sunday
Apple Answers the FCC's Questions
August 24 - Monday
Funnel Hat Cat
Death Panel Law Signed by Bush
The Squirrelizer
Web-Based 401K Advice
Experiencing Life, Briefly, Inside a Nursing Home
The Crisper Whisperer
August 25 - Tuesday
Looking Overseas For 'Healing Of America'
This new Snickers ad...
Guide to Bike Culture
Brooklyn: Outrageously tasty and cheap tamale
Raccoons Crash The Bacchae
If These Walls Could Talk: Sorority House Edition.
Billy Idol with the Beastie Boys
August 26 - Wednesday
Reporter Gets Hit by a Mean Hoe
His long lost Camaro
My Name is Roger, and I'm an alcoholic
Evony: Those damn ads
McCain Promises Not to Give Any Health Care to ACORN
Crystal Beth busted for crystal meth
August 27 - Thursday
The Top 5 Ways to Tell if a Woman Is Hitting On You
Cameraphone DVD macro lens hack
The best wine importers
August 28 - Friday
In Which We Explore Hand Jobs on Henry Street
Phillip Garrido Had Blog, Heard God
Vietnamese sandwich shop war
Hamlet (Facebook News Feed Edition)
August 29 - Saturday
Gorillas get sneak preview of new mate
Oh, and LA is on fire again
August 30 - Sunday
Facebook Exodus
August 31 - Monday
Remnants of Iraq Air Force Are Found
Wildfire? Get in hot tub.
The Atheist and the Bishop
How to tell if your cat is plotting to kill you
Growing A New Breed of Jews on Weeds
California: Still on fire