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September 2005
September 1 - Thursday
Ain't That a Shame
September 2 - Friday
Mayors are still the best leaders in a crisis.
An open letter from Michael Moore to George W. Bush
September 3 - Saturday
Kanye West gets extra points
September 4 - Sunday
George W Bush Emergency Response!
You are what you eat
September 5 - Monday
Get your Labor Day learn on
Homeland Security Not Prepared!? Nah...
September 6 - Tuesday
Sean Penn as Metaphor
Quote of the Week
Great Pirate Illustrations
Actual Journalism!!! In America!!!
FEMA For Kids: FEMA for Kids Rap
September 7 - Wednesday
Giant fiberglass humanoids menace America's highways
Duke Students Pose as Journalists to Rescue Flood Victims
September 8 - Thursday
Another Quote of the Week
Make it stop!
Cheney Runs Into Trouble With the Locals
September 9 - Friday
George Bush Don't Like Black People
The Hardrive is the New Bling
now you can buy the tshirt!
September 12 - Monday
Thanks for the update, bitch
Q: What's the dorkiest state?
Dred Pirate Davey Radio Interview!
September 13 - Tuesday
He makes me want to become a grip!
How Bush Blew It
Make A Dollar off the T
don't read this if you're squeamish
The "Work Blind" Curtain
Nostalgia for the 90's
September 14 - Wednesday
Have a robot call your friends
Best. Auction. Ever.
Little pointy teeth
Does your cat rank?
Cranky Luke Lowther
Go F*** Yourself Mr. Cheney - The Website
Wiener pulls out
I think I may need a bathroom break
September 15 - Thursday
Harper's Index for August 2005
Sure Signs Your Band Will Never Hit It Big
Fat Dynamite
Study: Half of All Teens Have Had Oral Sex
September 16 - Friday
The Classics for Illiterates
GWB's Speech from New Orleans
Best of Craigslist Day
September 17 - Saturday
Louisiana's Wetlands: ga'an pecan
A Shout-Out to All My Peeps
Courtney Love - Oh my.
September 18 - Sunday
The Blogerati Files: elanamatic
Sarah Silverman to host Chapelle Show
I Pity the Fool!
September 19 - Monday
Happy Talk Like A Pirate Day
Yoga, Y'all
Flickr Tag Fight
behold the power of cheese
September 20 - Tuesday
The Same Kooky Krazy Stuff Everyone Else Is Linking To
Treat your mother right
f/8: the black underexposure of death
Fox News Suggests Canadian Katrina Generosity Meant To Embarrass George W. Bush
September 21 - Wednesday
Best. Obituary. Ever.
Credit Card Companies Gouge Gas Greatly
September 22 - Thursday
Dance-off led to rumble
Dr. Harold and the Hurricane!
The Sexy Men of the Internets
Wired News: Can Bloggers Strike It Rich?
P0rn site offers soldiers free access in exchange for photos of dead Iraqis
Women's Hands Cleaner Than Men's
September 23 - Friday
Devon Explains: Buying a High Definition TV
Road House: the play
The poignant tale of a blind Saudi kitten
September 25 - Sunday
photos of my ex-girlfriend having sex
September 26 - Monday
Monkey Slot Machine
Santo: El Enmascarado de Plata.
Banned Book Week
Manhattan's largest vineyard
Killer Dolphins!
Afternoon quiz
September 27 - Tuesday
May We Tell You Our Specials This Evening?
Rock-throwing chimps
Giant Squid Dirty Stuff
September 28 - Wednesday
First Giant Squid Captured on Film
Operation Eden
Amy Sedaris as the voice of a talking penis
Libra's ROCK!
Hostage Gave Meth to Atlanta Fugitive
September 29 - Thursday
Your morning puppy
Who Makes How Much
I Love LA
September 30 - Friday
He is Gary Benchley (Rock Star)
Wookiee of the year
Van Morrison's Contractual Obligation Album
Bill Bennett: Nut Case
Reporter Judith Miller out of jail.
Who is Scooter Libby?