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September 2006
September 1 - Friday
Holy Snow Globes!
Good one, Delaware
Sidewalk Pony Pictures!
Welcome to Borat Homesite
Media Rediscovers Cajones - at least until Suri Cruise shows up
September 4 - Monday
Pogoing - to the extreme
Crikey! Steve Irwin killed by stingray
September 5 - Tuesday
The Penguin Parade
Why Couldn't It Have Been Sean Connery?
Maryland Lottery Commercial
September 6 - Wednesday
Leave it to the professionals
Improve your Asteroids game - online!
Do what to your opponent's what?
September 7 - Thursday
The Kama Sutra of Reading
Human Pong
September 8 - Friday
Conan vs. Walker Texas Ranger
ski jump
September 9 - Saturday
Woman in a Wheelchair Packing Heat
September 11 - Monday
September 11th
9-11 as it happened
September 12 - Tuesday
Word of the Day (Snarky Style)
We will crush your heads!
September 13 - Wednesday
Studio One Mix Downloads
Tribute in Light 2006
david cross' review of the new yo la tengo cd
Weird stuff on planet Erfs
September 14 - Thursday
The Star Wars is Satan's Tool!
TV News Sucks #372: Video News Releases
Cambodian troops Quarantine Quan'su
Keith Olbermann's Editorial on 9-11
September 15 - Friday
Dog arrested. Whitney leaving Bobby.
Baggy Spinach makes people ill
MOG is cute
The key to understanding Osama's murderous rage
Breathing Map
Brooklyn Book Festival
September 16 - Saturday
Leica - M8 Digital
September 17 - Sunday
Michel Gondry - Le Romantique
September 18 - Monday
White And Nerdy
She loves the Starshiptrooper
Mike Patton isn't God!
M Shanghai String Band
Plugged In!
September 19 - Tuesday
Happy Talk Like A Pirate Day!
10 Scientific Frauds that Rocked the World.
The Inside Job
Timbers (Shivered)
The Hardest Button to Button - Bart vs. White Stripes
Thai Coup?
September 20 - Wednesday
Protrusive Mugs!
Dog causes subways to stop
Flickr Photos of Bangkok, Mid-Coup
NYC Circa 1983
Advertising Builds Character
September 21 - Thursday
Word Processing Robot
Super Rubberband Gun
Man bites panda after panda bites man
September 22 - Friday
Darth Vader Flower Girl
Bob Dylan contest
Rest in peace: cool airplane
September 25 - Monday
Little Superstar
Monday: Marie Antoinette on PBS
Wee Courts of New York
September 26 - Tuesday
Ugly Teen Photos
Baby racoons sure are cute
My name is neither black or white
PBS Censors itself again
lenticular clouds
The Black Jesse Helms
September 27 - Wednesday
Panama canal time-lapse
Strong Drinks Not Just for Men
Sing, sing a song...
September 28 - Thursday
Neutron on the move!
Why is Clinton so angry? Why are you so stupid?
Greensboro's Gay Scare of '57
Michel Rolland on the Leonard Lopate Show
IT Anthems
September 29 - Friday
What's in your bag?
I find your lack of pants disturbing.