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September 2007
September 1 - Saturday
Larry Craig to resign amid scandal
September 2 - Sunday
The Living Room of the Future
Google Earth Flight Simulator
Worshipping Cardboard GWB Cutout
Rick Rubin is listening
September 3 - Monday
Gothamist: Jeff Garlin Interview
Honey, Let's Never Pass Out Angry Again
September 4 - Tuesday
Clowns KKKick KKK ass!
Your border isn't squiggly enough
Man wakes up in neighbors yard - sans pants
We are drowning in quirk
Anti-AdBlock site just blocks all Firefox users
Turkish Star Wars
September 5 - Wednesday
Jim Morrison: Promo Video for FSU
Horses likes toys good
Hitchhiking in Malaysia
Japanese curry arives in NYC
Larry Craig Voicemail Transcript
John Cage Marathon!!!!!!!
September 6 - Thursday
Ten Obscure Factoids Concerning Albert Einstein
The glory of Luciano Pavarotti
Transcript: Republican Presidential Candidate Debate
Appalachian is HOT! HOT! HOT!
M is for Monkey
September 7 - Friday
Road Trip Cat
Superbad: F*ck Count
Osama Bin Laden shows up in Sydney
Ninja burglar hits Staten Island
Why Isn't There a Conservative Daily Kos?
September 9 - Sunday
Kitty: Learn to swim
September 10 - Monday
Freaky Ocean Creatures
The not surprising truth behind the Iron Chef
Man Accused Of Beating Mom Flashes TV Camera
Happy 75th Birthday A-Train!
Don't call it a comeback
The Seven Commandments
Shock Doctrine
September 11 - Tuesday
The douche bags of 9-11
Hijackers Surprised To Find Selves In Hell
The 911 Victims
The best hybrid car ever
Pitchfork Gives Music 6.8
Just for Jihad
September 12 - Wednesday
Hover Kitteh
Still Life: Smash
September 13 - Thursday
Online company only makes us lonelier
Robotic Heads
September 14 - Friday
MP3s Suck
Smart Cars in the US? Finally?
Chocolate Lego
Daily Show: Rob Corddry Stuck in the bathroom
Pooped Puppies!
friday monkey
eggshell in amber
September 15 - Saturday
Scientology Makes a Move into Harlem
Welcome to My home
September 17 - Monday
Look out for bears!
IQ Test! Via interwebs!
Postcards: anonymously
Apple T-Shirt
September 18 - Tuesday
Good idea? Cabaret performed by the flight crew
The Slums of Model Railroads
The Disappearing Face of Old New York
September 19 - Wednesday
Your band name sucks
Talk Like A Pirate Day - September 19
Google does PowerPoint
Stupid walrus
September 20 - Thursday
Dry cleaner in pants suit closes
The Chris Crocker experience - on TV
Im attracted to other bukkets
Ralph's Storefront: Drawn
the mean kitty song
September 21 - Friday
Congress: They so corrupt!
Prostitutes are down
Japanese wrinklies(!) don't like robots
New Host Of "The View" Not Sure If World Is Flat Or Round
These guys invented Photoshop
Saxual Healing
No Yellow Jersey for Floyd
chicago tribune censors "Get Fuzzy"
September 22 - Saturday
Internet Day!
September 23 - Sunday
Auto Safety of the Past
French mime artist Marcel Marceau dies
Hammer says: Don't tase me, bro
September 24 - Monday
Goats where they shouldn't be
It is illegal in Connecticut to keep a cougar as a pet.
Animated History Of NYC Subway
I need coffee. Now.
News Flash: Black People Not Ignorant Savages
Evansville: Classy
Iranian Leader Addresses Columbia
September 25 - Tuesday
They'll Kill Me
Bruni tackles splitting the bill at restaurants.
Pork Spray
Tetris + Geography
Helper Pony
Thieves upload their own photo to FLICKR
September 26 - Wednesday
The Mannahatta Project
Rich & Poor - To the Extreme
O'Reilly discovers the black people
Death Star Attack: Never Forget
F*ck Bluetooth
Strange Political Cartoon via Al Jazeera English
iMac Tatoo Guy turns himself in!
September 27 - Thursday
V3r1z0n <3 g1rlz.
Google Launches 'The Google' For Older Adults
Those monks are protesty in Myanmar
No one cares what I had for breakfast
Amazon. MP3. Downloads.
September 28 - Friday
Hotel Chavalier
Lonley states = High suicide rates
September 29 - Saturday
The cult of Leica.
Apple clears out 3rd party apps
September 30 - Sunday
Brooklyn Baby wants his bukket
Radiohead: In Rainbows