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TRUE & TRUE are a country & western group from Greensboro NC. They broke onto the whole punk/indie rock scene in the early 1990's, specifically their first show at the Miracle House of Rock opening for Bicycle Face. I got an interview with them soon after, where they described their nervousness for playing in front of people who weren't "country folk". But the crowd that first night loved them, and they soon started playing all over for the non-country folk (I saw a video for Pipe where there is a quick cut of the True Brothers).

Jack and Roger True have an interesting, almost surreal stage presence, because it's just them and their guitars. The actual music is prerecorded, and they sing and play along with it. They don't think they should be considered Karoke, but told me that they just never got along with any of the bands / musicians they played with.

Jack & Roger get lots of points though for being real country music fans. They have a vast knowledge of traditional country music, and can reel off amazing amounts of information about Webb Pierce or Buck Owens. The suits they wear on-stage are handmade "Nudy" suits that Roger makes himself by hand. He also does the leather work that covers portions of his guitar.

(Mitch McGirt wrote re:"Nudy" suit. Named after a guy named Nudy. It was a very popular style of suit among country guys like Buck Owens and Porter Wagner back in the '60's and '70's.)

The first "official" tape they released was entitled "RAUNCHY" and featured a song written by Jack (Tear Your Playhouse Down), and covers of Buck Owens (Tiger by the Tail), Elvis (Hound Dog), and Mel Tillis & Webb Pierce (Tupelo County Jail).

They have had releases since then, but I believe their crowning achievement was the release of their CD "The True Brothers Sing : Early and Rare Vol. 1 & 2". Pretty much a full collection of covers and some really good originals - 20 tracks of True Brother goodness.
(They even included portions of my interview with them, and one of my promos from my radio show. It ends with the phrase "I love True and True" said by a guy named Dan.)

The True Brothers now have their own website at

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