Actual website does
not come in a box

No Damn Frames
Long the bane of any reputable web developer, happyrobot had hung on to their framed websites for way longer than needed. But now thanks to the NY Department of Labor, happyrobot had the time and energy to redesign the site from the ground up.

Doesn't look that Different
That is right. The site looks about the same. Isn't that a kicker. All this work was done, and most of the site looks about the same. Except no more damn frames.

Just the beginning
With this release, happyrobot will be able to add more and more features, easier and quicker. Just watch

Dollar Credit
We got a dollar credit on our power bill. How did that happen? Do you know? If you do, please write us.

The interweb site 'happyrobot' is proud to announce their latest version: happyrobot version 10. happyrobot 'X' is a super-modern website utilizing the stability of previous versions of happyrobot, combined with the simplicity and elegance of a frameless web site. Pre-release reviews got rave reviews from critics and monkeys, who all gave it thumbs up. Way up.

The main engine of happyrobot X is the super powerful, long lasting unemployed webmaster, who is able to spend bucket loads of time developing the technology behind this new and exciting web site. Funded primarily via a six month grant from the NY State Department of Labor, happyrobot X is the culmination of many people's dreams and desires and, well, fears.

Version 10 launches the next phase of happyrobot, and users can expect new and exciting features to be launched in the near future. Features so amazing and wonderful that we can't tell you now - if we did, you wouldn't be able to sit still.

Yes, that amazing! And that wonderful.

Check out our new look, and be assured that your contributions to happyrobot have been put to good use and not to matt's hooker 'problem'.

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