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Monday, March 14, 2005

› by katie

Yes folks, that's right. This post is about the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Let me start with this... I lost my driver's lisence weeks ago. It didn't really impact my life all that much, but I decided today that I really need it. I felt anxiety every time I went into a bar. Not that I get carded any more, but what if I got pulled over or something, right? Oh, I should also note that when I got back home I was deleting old messages from our voicemail and there was one that my husband skipped and archived which was from this lady who forgot to give me my I.D. back--watchathink about that Alanis??????

I may be the only person in the world to say this, but I LOVE THE DMV.

Fact: When I went to get my driver's lisence in 1993, I had to take my test in a snowstorm. The test-er, Mervin, passed me and joked about how I needed to use my turn signal more often. That was a good experience. I looked awesome in my picture.

Fact: I have never had a bad driver's lisence picture. Honestly, my driver's lisence picture is even better than my wedding pictures... it's like glamour shots, only not tacky and 1 by 1 inch. I left my first driver's lisence picture in my ex. boyfriend's car... a huge life regret. I keep them like playing cards. There are three in my wallet right now--each picture looks better than the next. In fact, when my lisence expired last year I begged the lisence dude to let me keep the picture and he said that he couldn't. He took it and said, "I think you'll be pleased." AND I WAS.

Fact: People at the DMV are always joking around... like today, when I went, I forgot to write down my weight. The woman at the counter said, "do you want to stay at that weight? Our scale is broken today." That's just plain funny.

Fact: I've never had to wait that long... Okay, so today I waited between 20 minutes to a half hour, but that really isn't so bad given that I was downtown and there are always interesting people to watch. Case in point, today there was a couple, they were wearing matching coats with horse pictures on the back and the guy had a cowboy hat on--WE LIVE IN WISCONSIN, FOLKS! Really, a cowboy hat. I don't think I've ever seen anyone wear one "seriously." Also, there was a 7 year old boy who got a state I.D. He was really funny about it... and someone with a mullet--always a good time.

Fact: The D.M.V. is full of fun, nice people. They know how to take pictures. It's an afternoon of good clean bureaucratic fun. I love the Simpsons, but the Patty & Selma version of the DMV is all wrong.

I heart the DMV.

Your friend,

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