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Mojo Bunny
Okay... Sox down 2-1 vs. Cleveland. Change of mojo tactics.

Mojo shots? Not this year. Mojo Colt 45? Pedro's not here anymore.

Mojo bunny? It's time for mojo bunny.

There's a bunny on my shoulder while I'm watching the game. Little bunny. 6 inches long.

Other people are taking pictures. When I get them, I'll post them...

I am getting bunny licked and pawed. On my neck.

MOJO BUNNY! I think this is where we gotta go with the mojo.

Update: Conversation with my friend David Bacon

David: its awesome that you have a bunny watching this game with ou
me: the girls have pictures of this
me watching the TV with a laptop on my lap, and a bunny on my shoulder
they'll have to send them to me
the girls are being girls
and I am watching baseball
with a bunny
and a laptop
David: that is teh awesome
me: it's a baby bunny
the bunny is licking my face

David: youre going to have a pet bunny soon arent you?
me: Dude
this thing and I... we're friends
Problem is, it's working for Wakefield
not for the offense
two other animals here... Mojo gerbil and Mojo Salamander
one of those has the mojo for the offense
how do I integrate a gerbil or a salamander with a bunny?

David: hmm
i say gerbil and bunny
me: gerbil's gota big tail
bunny gonna eat it
David: man
he's really flippin you the byrd tonight

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