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For those of you who don't know me, as background information for this story, I feel compelled to let you know that I am a bit of a ladies man. Now, not necessarily a womanizer-- that isn't what I mean at all. Rather, I have always preferred to surround myself with girls. I have had well over 20 female roommates in my 12 odd years of adulthood. Most of my best friends are women. Too much time with the boys tends to make me hyperventilate as if I were trying on clothes under flourescent lights at a discount clothing store.

So, when my friend Josh calls me on Thursday night and asks me to meet him for a drink, I welcomed the chance at a brief-lived boy's night out. Then he asks if he can stay at my place-- well no big deal. Kind of fun for a change.

I didn't know what I had on my hands until Friday afternoon. He left briefly in the morning and returned with a case of Bud. We sat motionless on the couch for hours, watching the Red Sox destroy the Yankees (hooray), drinking beer, and well... other relaxing endeavours. Finally, I had a party to go to and a girl to see, so I said seeya.

The next morning, I got back home to find another case of Bud waiting for me and another baseball game on the tube and more well.. other stuff. After the game, we went fishing in some of the local rivers. We waded waist deep against persistent currents talking about the virtues of a Beetle-Spin over a Broke-back Minnow. He caught a dozen fish. I caught one. I was beat, so we only had one pitcher of beer with dinner (at midnight).

The next day, I woke up to a Uhaul truck in my driveway and another case of Bud in my fridge. Josh needed help moving into his new apartment and did I want a beer? Three beers later, we're in a hot storage facility, loading beds, dressers, couches, mirrors, toys (he has two kids), etc. Then we drank more beer until it was gone. I think I finally chased him home when I decided that I'd rather watch "Octopus 2: River of Fear" than bull-riding on ESPN. After he left, I settled into a pleasant afternoon actually watching "Kissing Jessica Stein" on HBO.

All in all, it was a great weekend. It's Tuesday afternoon and I'm still tired. And I pretty much crave a beer all waking hours. Maybe, I underestimated male companionship. There certainly is a simplicity that is lacking when you are always around women. And a lot more ESPN.

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