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September 11

My first year of law school was but a few weeks new. My crim law class was in session, but we had a break at 9 to get coffee and smoke. Someone told me a plane flew into the WTC. I thought it was an accident, went back to class. After class, everyone gathered. A second plane hit the other building. There were rumors of Congress, the White House. All the cadets at VMI (Virginia Military Institute)(no military connection officially since the Civil War, I guess) were in full maneuvers. I went to class again at 10. No one said anything, but all the laptop students were trying to log onto After, everything started to unfold slowly. The day was disrupted, people were in tears, I was in shock -- why? I don't know. It didn't really affect me except for giving Bush the unchecked power to take over Iraq a few years laterfor a really stupid reason, another event that didn't really affect me like it should.

Anyway. . . disturbing images ARE disturbing images. In remote Virginia, that's all we had. And it was fascinating, but only in a "I cannot believe that I'm alive while this is happening" kind of way. Matt called me from NYC that night, so I pretty much knew everyone I knew was ok. That certainly helped. I don't know. Everything was the same here, but with a lot more flags. Today they tolled the bells on the chapel named after Robert E. Lee at the moment the first tower was hit. I sort of forgot to listen.

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